Tuesday, September 14, 2004

wanderlust is to gain exposure to another geographical location

i feel myself clinging to anyone who is not here....and it creates unfulfiling relationships all around. its as thought im trying to create my own pull from this place...and i dont know why. the longer im here, the more permanant things seem, and i think im afraid of staying in one place too long. im afraid that if i settle here, i'll never see the things i long to see. i want to not only visit other places..but to actually get to spend some real downtime at them. if you are from anyplace but here, i'll probably try to become your best friend...be careful of that.

i want to move.
i want to stay.
i want to know which is the better option of the two.
i want to know why i want to leave so much.
i want it all and im left with a cup of coffee and a yard full of weeds.

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