Friday, September 24, 2004

googlism is not responding

the following is what i can remember from a REALY poorly written goofy song by myself and two chica friends sometime around the year 1997.

"there's a rock in my shoe
and i dont know what to do
because it sounds like coca cola
its so tempting to me
it tastes so sweet
it loks so neat
and its begging me to take a drink!"

(it made no sense when we wrote it while walking around my makes even less sense today.)
thank you litha and chewy, for this memory.

melissa, im burning the coca cola candle for the first time because its gotten ugly over the years and needs to be used up.

i hope you're both well. havent heard anything about either of you girls in years.


Anonymous said...

from an email between misty noble and i on june 20, 2004:
"I am currently working on my graduate degree at LSU. My son is 3 and I am seeing a wonderful man whose name is Doug, who is also in nursing school at SLU. After a stint in graduate school for over a year, he decided it wasn't for him and is now pursuing this. He thinks he might get another graduate degree in nursing at a later date. Melissa is volunteering at the New Orleans Museum of Art and is flourishing. I am trying to get her to go study art in Rome. Someday she shall listen :). Cheri just moved into a house in Hammond (about 3 minutes from my house) with her boyfriend, who she has been seeing for quite a while now. She has a job at Entergy and should graduate with her bachelor's degree in December, I do believe."

Anonymous said...

thanks, skot! very helpful information. (no idea why i cant log in to comment on this)