Sunday, July 10, 2005

oh dear..i haven't said much!

we're a little out of date seems

1. i have had my car back for a week and a half...still havent moved my things back into it...because im afraid to become too attached

2. speaking of getting attached....i have become wrapped into the arms of this boy
(does it sound strange to anyone else to be...over 19 and saying "boyfriend" (or "girlfriend" of you're on the other end)? it sounds very strange to me...we should come up with a newer and better name for this attachment of sorts)

3. i witnessed the marriage of my friend/exroommate carrie and my friend jason yesterday afternoon. ten weeks of crazy planning and now its begun. i always knew i was a fan of short engagements..but that was maybe the least amount of time she could have possibly pulled such an event out room for any changes or whatever. but you know what? she was completely happy with it..and even after only 10 weeks...ready for the planning and all to be over and now she's married and doesnt have to anticipate it or worry about the catering and dresses and anything anymore. congrats to carrie and jason miller!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

8-thirty am: awakened by the sound of my roommate talking to someone. try to figure out who it is. remember that today is the 2nd of july and therefore today is carrie's wedding shower. in a state or almost panic...look for shower invitation. "saturday july 5th at 5:00pm" *whew* safe. i have a few hours to make it look like i hadnt forgotten.
peeks out of window to see what's going on. furniture being moved. open bedroom door and ask carrie about her past housing mix-up. "oh, that was all just a misunderstanding" well..that's good.
"hey, if you feel like packing, we could use some help" dressed and helping within five minutes.

now its about 5 and a half hours later...and im in desperate need of two things:
1.a shower to make msyelf unstinky
2.a shower gift to make myself look unforgetful

jen is out of the country for two weeks
carrie is almost completely moved out
the house is mine alone for two weeks
and i hope i have a house for me in that time
so i can be moving out in the following two weeks

it seems i always am the one helping people move
i wish i could call on someone just like me when i need the extra hands

Friday, July 01, 2005

dont have my car back supposed to pick it up today after work...hopefully this time it is all better..its far too disapointing to go pick up your car and find its not completely fixed last time

michael springstead has temporarily moved into my parents house in hopes of finding work in the augusta that he can have money and pay bills and things like that which seem to be important

i dont like sunburns

im REALY sleepy this morning..but off to work i go