Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006!

Let me tell you a story about how one should never jump to conclusions regarding the potential of a silly christmas song which begins by telling your cat "merry christmas."

Once upon a time on Friday night, Michael asked Becca to hear a song he'd written for Chrstimas. Becca had been present for the original formation of the song as michael played with a new-loved chord progression, and now looked curiously forward to hearing what had become of it. So Becca, unassumingly, took a seat in front of the computer where Michael had loaded a recording of the completed song. The song progressed much the same as it had when she'd first heard bits of it, with just a few words moved and pauses shifted. Then suddenly, as the second verse began to play, Becca's life began to change and she didnt even know it. for ease of explaination, the song:
(i may have messed up the words little....i left my napkin copy at home)

Merry, Merry Christmas
Merry December 25th
(even to the cat)

1.I have a girlfriend
who i dont like
just to be my girlfriend

2.i went to see my pastor
who is my girlfriend's father
and he said "ok"

At the conclusion of this new second verse, Becca exclaimed "is this a true story!?" to which the answer became "yes."
Hugs and kisses and a couple of gold rings later...It became known that Michael and Becca are to be married in July of 2007.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

here's my newest song

becca's got a new car
becca's got a new car

Sunday, July 02, 2006

old and new

michael moved here one year ago as of this past friday!
which puts us dating as of...about a year...its hard to nail down the actualy day we officially said " we're dating now."

also...just gave blood for the first time ever. i was scared....but not as terrified as i get around i suppose i'll be alright. i did have a hard time afterward with lightheadedness and starting to black out. i tend to need to be very careful with that stuff. seems any shots and stuff make me prone to it. i remember one day when i was at WCC i went to a clinic for a shot to clear up the sinist gunk for NATS..and when i was making my payment at the counter, i said to the receptionist "um...i can't see you" and she promptly found me a room to sit in for a while to recover.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

short of it

i'd almost just go in and delete all of my old journal accounts...but i use them to read-up on everyone when i do ever find myself using the internet. just...seems like i end up spending so much time deleting and responding to email...browsing around things i need to look up...and then still feel like i should read what is going on with everyone..and then i'm supposed to every once and again post little blurbs about my life too? all of this when i'm only online maybe every other week for 45 minutes or something...

yes..this is your update post.

actualy..its your non-update post..because i dont feel like posting blankets of "this is whats going on" so..if you have my me and i'll tell you how my life is these days. i like to talk to the voices rather than the screens :) if you dont have my number..ask somebody else for it.

okay..okay..okay. mini-update: i'm happy, loving, and loved. i saw my fer-sis-best-friend the other day for the first time in two years. the south is still hot and humid.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

these are a few of my favorite things

"...your favorite things... y'know...color...":
when i was and younger...i was always in pink or had things which were pink...or somehow...was near pink..always. after about 7 or so...i started to hate pink. along with pink, i hated well. my favorite colors during my "hate of pink" stage were yellows and greens. then...i decided that blue is the end-all be-all of colors..because i theorized that there is no ugly shade of all...and it seems as though there are more blues than any other sorts of colors. i've also re-embraced red..and have recently had a lot of pink going on. i carry a pink purse with me ever single day and my shoes for work are pink and grey. its really amusing how the circle goes.

"...flavor of cake...": strawberry cake...made with strawberries in the cake and in the frosting..really really yummy...and its pink! grandma used to make it for me..durring my pink stage...and recently our cake-baker for the coffee shop reintroduced me to how yummy it is...funny..again..that circle of pink :)

" cream...": peppermint...or cheesecake with raspberries...or "gingerbread cookie"...or chocolate with dark chocolate swirls and fudgey stuff

" flavor varieties (even if it changes daily)..."
im partial to costa rican coffee and mexican..and a realy nice light roasted guatemalan. i also enjoy having a single espresso shot(more on the bitter side than some shops use) with just about the amount of milk and foam to make a 4-6 oz latte. del-ish!

"...stuff like that..."

and..a topic is born!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

..and now you're even older

over a month since my last entry...seems to be the norm for me what..with no frequent computer usage, and all of that.

i had a birthday 6 days ago...i've been here now two-dozen years...and six days...and about two hours

im not looking forward to just making an entry of random updates which let you know my life is much the same as it was last lets choose a topic, shall we?

respond in comment with any topic..and i'll try my best to post an entry on the matter.