Sunday, September 05, 2004

coffee girl is a mostly acoustic 10 song collection which displays her genre eclectic style

yesterday afternoon 8 people caravaned from my house to the fabulous fox theatre for one of the best concert tours i've been assembled.
bela fleck and the flecktones with keller williams and the yonder mountain string band.
i called it the best, not because of the names of the groups together, but because of the way they worked together..they way they shared the stage seamlessly...they way they didnt have to take turns in order to all have their own turn.
the last time i saw the 'tones in new orleans for jazz fest, the collection of "musicians" presented was rather random. they COULDNT have played together even if the idea would have possibly seemed a good one, and they took an eternity to set up and tear down the stage stuff between acts because of the variedness of style. (also, there was a lot more weed at the jazzfest performance)

the day before venturing to this recent showing, i decided to scope out the other two names on the bill in order to prepare myself a little for the show. after just a little smattering of musical clips from these other two artists, i knew that the show had potential to be a very much nicer thing than my previous experience, in that at least they other two names were in the same category as the flecktones to a degree. in my online investigation i found photos from the same tour when it was in chicago..and there were some of bela playing with the yonder mountain band..when i saw that..i knew that this would be a better experience to be had.

throughout the show, members of the 'tones were added here and there to acts..and keller played with everyone..with himself..and with a realy odd little handheld spotlight (that he had way too much fun with in blinding the fans..but it was fun well had, at any rate)
toward the end of the show, a couple of my friends and i meandered upstairs to get a better view (our seats were under the balcony behind some potheads) we stood in the walkway behind the front section of balcony seats and it was a far better view and sound. while we were up there, all 9 musicians of the night played a set together. it was truly amazing. (even though the spotlight guy couldnt keep up with who was soloing where)

all that said...better set conbinations...same flecktones..and less second-handweed made for an amazing experience.

the show ended at midnight.
we got home and to sleep around 3am
i need a shower because i stink like a venue.
(it was a beautiful venue, none the less)

okay..go on jealous. :)

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