Wednesday, September 29, 2004

black is your coffee?

this evening while sitting in the usual tuesday night augusta choral society rehearsal, i got an urge to dye my hair again. so, as the rehearsal ended, i decided to drive myself to wal-mart and buy some dye. i had a hard time deciding between natural black, or the bluer black....but i chose the later and now am styling lovely black locks. i must say, im more used to the reder blacks for my tones...but ive always been curious what blue-black would look like for me. ill defintely keep it for a while...maybe add some red later. pictures.

i also dyed my fingernails and a couple few spots on the ceramic toiletseat.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

might be is colossally admired

my day:

7:40am. awake...look at the clock. consider if i have overslept yet. stumble to the bathroom. see roommate during my dazed excusrion. back to bed
8:00am. alarm goes off. hit snooze.
8:10am. alarm again. reset for 8:45
8:43am. awake. look at clock. back to sleep
8:45am. awake. no snooze. no reset. lay in bed for a few more minutes considering my options. hear roommates leave the house.
8:55am. out of bed. strip sheets from bed and toss them in the wash.
9:00am. wait on myself to become coherant while looking at online journals.
9:15am. call my dad to talk to him about the house he found in the newspaper.
9:30am. call daly's house. no answer. hes sleeping still. i knew it.
9:35am. in the bathroom: washing face and brushing teeth while planning my minutes.
9:45am. getting dressed *while* walking around the house colecting things i need like my camera. call daly again. woke him up.
9:50am. out the door.
9:55am. step into R.Gabriels to grab two cups of coffee.
10:02am. pull into daly's driveway. Timber (the dog) runs out the front door to mark all the plants. daly calls timber back inside.
10:05am. in daly's house. he (slowly) gets timber's food and water refilled and edits his coffee with more sugar.
10:07am. we head for the door. daly realises hes not wearing shoes.
10:08am. in my car i discover my gas light is on. i debate when i should get gas.
10:11am. pull into the filling station. daly pumps gas for me.
10:15am. on our way to the house on Mary ave.
10:27am. greeted in whispers by the owner of said house. tour commences. photos are taken. yard is explored. man talks about the savanah river a lot.
10:55am. looks at clock. tries to herd the conversation to a close.
11:00am. still trying to end it.
11:05am. heading back to the car.
11:15am. on the road to daly's house again while discussing the house.
11:20am. drop daly off, call mom and tell her how good it would be for them.
11:26am. realise i meant to go to the grocery store but drove to myse house because i was on the phone. leave driveway again to go to publix.
11:27 habitually turned right when i should have gone left. two blocks later realise that publix is the other way.
11:35am. pull into publix parking lot. stil on the phone with mom.
12:00pm. wandering around the store looking for items that are obscurely found (why arent razors and shave cream on the same shelf???)
12:15pm. check out at publix. end mom conversation.
12:20pm. call jonathan and tell him he neednt come with me to look at any houses. get myself invited to lunch with the guys.
12:40pm. lunch with the guys consits of them picking on jonathan for his girlfriend :\ poor guy.
1:30 back home. time to shower and start my day!

now im clean, ive done a beautiful thing with black and grey eyeliner, and im about to get directions to the They Might Be Giants concert nick and i are attending in ATL tonight.

Friday, September 24, 2004

googlism is not responding

the following is what i can remember from a REALY poorly written goofy song by myself and two chica friends sometime around the year 1997.

"there's a rock in my shoe
and i dont know what to do
because it sounds like coca cola
its so tempting to me
it tastes so sweet
it loks so neat
and its begging me to take a drink!"

(it made no sense when we wrote it while walking around my makes even less sense today.)
thank you litha and chewy, for this memory.

melissa, im burning the coca cola candle for the first time because its gotten ugly over the years and needs to be used up.

i hope you're both well. havent heard anything about either of you girls in years.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

ministry is unbalanced

a rare thing: witnessing rant from becca
this spurted off of a thread in the vagrant cafe..but i didnt realy think my thoughts fit the topic well here they are.

its not our *place* to change anybody.
maybe i'm crazy, but ive always felt a little odd about the whole street witnessing thing and all of that forced spiritual conversation beach-reach and all. ive been around parts of it my whole life, and i just dont see the real validity of these sorts of outreach.

ive seen a lot more change from being real with people where you are and where they are and helping them with what they obviously need help with or being their friend. if you havent got any interest in spending time with someone, why should you fake it? it doesnt go unnoticed when the relationship is dropped because a new prospect came into view.

ive seen a lot of christian friends make these "outreach" friendships where they choose someone to "minister to" and spend all sorts of energy inviting them to things and helping them get into the circle of christians and getting to know their problems and giving advice and then sort of dropping them after a little while or after the new friend doesnt become christianeese with everyone. (believe me..i've been the one to drop out before and i never want to be that again..i missed out on an amazing friendship that way) not to say that this sort of thing doesnt work ever..but most of the time intentional relationships of this sort skip the real friendship part, as i see it.

now, maybe im missing a good thing...i wont say its not a good idea to help people start thinking about spiritaul things when they least expect it by bringing it up on the street in a quick conversation or whatever...but please at least be REAL about it. maybe the word "real" is too vague? i dont know what word could work better...

i guess what its bugging me is the people who would rather "minister" on their own terms where its clean and happy and fits their mold...than to build relationships that are capable of getting dirty and hurting and being uncomfortable and unpredictable.

funny, sounds a lot like something everyone talks about but wishes they understood

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

quizzila is a fun way to waste time

my little pony
You're My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

hat is tilted

its the middle of the week

i just cooked some food
took a long nap
washed all of our dirty dishes
and ate some cinnamon ice cream

at this moment, nothing is wrong here.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

sunday is special

things which make it true....

...another day in which i can dress creatively
...more fun times with michael springstead
...a car that is neater/cleaner than it was before
...a little baby-sized road trip with rebekah
...unwed sailor
...questions in dialect brookland tavern to sort my thoughts to to follow up with

becca is uncertain

i dont know...suddenly im realising that more responsibility is being handed to me than i think i want.

im scared to say what i realy want to do and so close to actually doing it. i dont want to do something stupid like throw away a chance for something i might be good at...but i dont know if i need it just now...i dont know that im ready for it.
i dont want to mislead those im around..and i dont want to commit to something half-heartedly.

i wish i knew which to jump toward
what to do?

i think this is what has been on my mind all along.

Friday, September 17, 2004

five is catchy but `home alive' needs a little work

i HATE the mosquito.

i came home.
i sat at my desk.
i got bitten.
i checked my email.
i got bitten again.
i screamed at the creature.
i found another bite.
i saw him on my hand.
i got bitten and missed squashing him.
i kept my eyes open in search if him.
i saw him.
i swated.
i missed again.
i waited.
i spied him on my pinky a second time.
i got bitten.
i swatted.
i missed.
i swatted again.
he died.
it only happened in five minutes.
the end.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

roundup is delayed

a couple of weeks ago i bought a jug of roundup for my weed problem. i sprayed the entier perimeter of the weedfilled backyard with as much as i could one afternoon, but couldnt spray it far enough into the center to reach the whole mess.
i resprayed it a couple of days later...then after a week or so, didnt notice much change, so i pourd the leftover weed killer into the area closest to the deck, just to get rid of it. now, a week after that, the perimeter has died off significantly and where i poured the most of it seems to be completely dead. nice! now i just need something that can get to the middle of the mess...concentrated weed killer, a garden hose, and a spray attachment mixing bottle..yes! :)
what i'd LOVE would be a sprinkler that could be attached to a feed line of weed killer and just set that out in the middle of the yard :)

(there is no grass to have worry for)

wanderlust is to gain exposure to another geographical location

i feel myself clinging to anyone who is not here....and it creates unfulfiling relationships all around. its as thought im trying to create my own pull from this place...and i dont know why. the longer im here, the more permanant things seem, and i think im afraid of staying in one place too long. im afraid that if i settle here, i'll never see the things i long to see. i want to not only visit other places..but to actually get to spend some real downtime at them. if you are from anyplace but here, i'll probably try to become your best careful of that.

i want to move.
i want to stay.
i want to know which is the better option of the two.
i want to know why i want to leave so much.
i want it all and im left with a cup of coffee and a yard full of weeds.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Sunday, September 12, 2004

googlism: my family is indeed the perfect wolfpack family

this morning my dad preached for the congregation at lake park baptist church. after the service, the church voted to call him as their pastor. tonight he preaches the evening service, then the family will spend the week doing a bit of house hunting...his first sunday as their pastor will be on october 24th. gosey's all in one city again...strange? i guess this is today's "home."

nick and myself will continue to go to first pres and stay active in our choir there...i think its a perfect fit for us, at the moment. i havent met dad's new church yet, so im going this evening to hear him and meet some people. i'll fill you in on that later ;)

(it should also be noted that when i was looking up my title for this entry, i also found "my family is considered a little crazy in the coffee producing"...bit opted to not use it just yet)

coffee girl is cute too

i dont know why, but i've taken to wearing eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow almost every day, lately

...and my hair is adorably curly yesterday and this morning

coffee girl is still mumbling to herself

i decided to try a more fitting scheme for coffee
...and i kind of like the new blogger templates with their profile options and all.

even though i hate change...

yeah..but i saved the template settings to an html file, just in case i choose to ever go back. i'm a slow let-go :)

Friday, September 10, 2004

coffee girl is not on my links

i need weed killer
i need weed killer for the largest clump of well-nurished weeds you've ever seen in a yard
i need strong weed killer which can be spread over a large area easily...with a garden hose or what-have-you
if i had this, i would be happier
please make me happier

coffee girl is pissing me off

shoes in the dryer are the most annoying thing.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

coffee girl is pricelss

for camille

the sun shineth not today
and we all wear grey and black
the universal color of the rain
not the greys of mournful hearts
but of the sky
and of your eyes
and black to hide the stains from puddles

Sunday, September 05, 2004

coffee girl is on board

i just realised that september could prove to be a fairly busy month in the life of one who's not been overly busy since college.

at work i'll be keeping the schedule flowing, evaluating trainees, descerning who else can head shifts, learning to share responsibilities with the owners and another manager (my brother?), and working my usual full-time share.

in the rest of my life there will be a significant visit from my family the week of the which dad will preach a trial sermon for a church in this area and the congregation will vote on him. if the vote is positive, the family will begin a serious house hunt during their stay that week and will make plans for moving, if not...there will be the disapointment. either way, we'll also be celebrating dad's the twins's, and mom's birthdays that week, as all will have occured within a month.

the 17th a michael springstead will be swinging through augusta on his way to a wedding in savanah. depending on work scheduling and other plans, nick and/or myself may or may not attend the wedding with the springstead on the 18th. we also hope to spend some time with him that sunday, the 19th, and show him our lovely church and church family.

on the evening of the 19th, there is a concert i very much wish to attend in columbia, sc (one hours drive from home) and i believe it starts as early as there may not be quite as much time to spend with springstead as i'd thought..on my part. the concert is Unwed Sailor AND Questions in Dialect...a not-to-be-missed treat i've been waiting for for a couple of years.

that same weekend is the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festivities...and i'd hate to miss catching at least a few hours of that.

these are the joys and conbined woes of a girl who doesnt like to miss out on anything.

coffee girl is a mostly acoustic 10 song collection which displays her genre eclectic style

yesterday afternoon 8 people caravaned from my house to the fabulous fox theatre for one of the best concert tours i've been assembled.
bela fleck and the flecktones with keller williams and the yonder mountain string band.
i called it the best, not because of the names of the groups together, but because of the way they worked together..they way they shared the stage seamlessly...they way they didnt have to take turns in order to all have their own turn.
the last time i saw the 'tones in new orleans for jazz fest, the collection of "musicians" presented was rather random. they COULDNT have played together even if the idea would have possibly seemed a good one, and they took an eternity to set up and tear down the stage stuff between acts because of the variedness of style. (also, there was a lot more weed at the jazzfest performance)

the day before venturing to this recent showing, i decided to scope out the other two names on the bill in order to prepare myself a little for the show. after just a little smattering of musical clips from these other two artists, i knew that the show had potential to be a very much nicer thing than my previous experience, in that at least they other two names were in the same category as the flecktones to a degree. in my online investigation i found photos from the same tour when it was in chicago..and there were some of bela playing with the yonder mountain band..when i saw that..i knew that this would be a better experience to be had.

throughout the show, members of the 'tones were added here and there to acts..and keller played with everyone..with himself..and with a realy odd little handheld spotlight (that he had way too much fun with in blinding the fans..but it was fun well had, at any rate)
toward the end of the show, a couple of my friends and i meandered upstairs to get a better view (our seats were under the balcony behind some potheads) we stood in the walkway behind the front section of balcony seats and it was a far better view and sound. while we were up there, all 9 musicians of the night played a set together. it was truly amazing. (even though the spotlight guy couldnt keep up with who was soloing where)

all that said...better set conbinations...same flecktones..and less second-handweed made for an amazing experience.

the show ended at midnight.
we got home and to sleep around 3am
i need a shower because i stink like a venue.
(it was a beautiful venue, none the less)

okay..go on jealous. :)

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

coffee girl is cute too

get OUT of my head.

thank you.