Thursday, July 29, 2004

how can you make me a mix cd and then never ask for my address?
tomorrow is my last day...
my last day to pack and do laundry
my last day to clean out the fridge
my last day to track down a couple of speaker wires
my last day to make sure everyone is going to show up and be where i need them
my last day to figure out where they are supposed to be
my last day to worry about if its going to work or not
my last day to be stressed out over this
my last day to pray against the rain and for the clouds all falls together the day after tomorrow
and the day after that i leave town to let them pick up all of the pieces

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

as i promised chris lovely...the update i posted on vagrant..copied here to my blog...also a link to Fire.

coffee girl is emerging on the scene throughout the nation
i post a lot of little things here and there..but i havent gotten very deep here here's some window of what im doing right now

in case youve forgotten, i still love coffee shops. the concept drives me to want to keep the concept thriving. im a complete coffee geek, and embrace it gladly. (though rae has points over me)

the coffee shop ive been working at for the last year celebrates its one year birthday this saturday. i stuck my neck out and offered that we should have a big party for the occasion, and thus was dubbed director of said party...begins the freaking out. so for the last few months, ive been terrified of missing something important in this..while working 5 days a week 5:45am to around 3:00 most days (hours which are not convenient for party planning, mind you...and work is too busy to do much else besides making drinks while working anyhow)
but without fail, this event will take place on saturday. we'll have live music for about 8 hrs of the food and stuff like one of those spacewalks and facepainting...and just hopefully a good time for anyone who comes. and we hope EVERYONE comes...dangit!
the scarey stuff is...weve had some stormy weather this week and its predicted to continue through the weekend..and this is an outdoor gig.
if youre the sort, toss up a prayer for my sanity, the weather, and an overall good time.

ive got some good job security there...they trust my judgment and give me more responsibility than i think i can handle...and then i fly with it. its not that i can get away with anything, its that they know i wont do anything they'd disaprove of without good reason. i enjoy having that kind of credibility.

in other news, nick and myself are taking a road trip immediately after the coffee gig. we're driving sunday up toward springfield missouri to see jennylynne, then the following weekend we're heading over to tulsa to meet up with some other vagrants like the 007s, guardian and audra, lemuel, whomever else comes up in the mix. im realy excited about seeing fer again..its been too long. and i havent even met the 007s and lem yet...much much long waitedness there. i saw billy and audra a few months ago..but more time with them will be awesome. dangit, i used to see that billy kid multiple times a week, and now this months and years between sightings? no sir.

im excited about the trip..and between anticipation of it, and trying to get everything collected for the coffee shop birthday kind of scattered! :)

a month or so ago i was asking here for advice on where to move next, and i have had to put all thoughts of that aside till this is all over. i cant think about moving while planning so much already...but i bet as soon as i get to missouri, ill be rolling thoughts around again about it. thats me.

hrm...otherwise...the week i return from the road trip, i audition for the augusta choral society (i havent thought of anything to sing yet...oops) and i think church choir rehearsals begin again. i'll also have to hire one or two new people at the coffee shop...and train them..and complete the training of our newest....and hope that everything hasnt gome to shambles while i was absent. weee!

Friday, July 23, 2004

why are they called flyers if you dont actually make them areodynamic? with the exception of that scene in 10 things i hate about you where they dropped handfulls of flyers down the stairwells, i've never realy seen a flyer do what its name implies...and fly.

anyhow..i've been designing a "flyer" for the rgabriels birthday bash which takes place next freaking saturday wow!
i realy cant beleive we're already to that point...but i do think its going to happen. it would happen even better if i could convince these flyers to take wing, though. that is the sort of gimic we need to attract a crowd.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

success! the entire sticker that seals this new cd came off in one piece!
i love it when a plan works!
(cd=bela fleck and the flecktones: st...for only 8.99)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

hey nick...

look familiar? if that's not full of some memories, i dont know what is.
yay! there is a God and His name is love and He manifests Himself within His people!
....aka-my brother just cleared much of the horrible weeds from my yard for me!

now we're going to eat quesedilias

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


watched: dream for an insomniac...twice yesterday
sang: sousa, rutter, and handel
heared: my roommate singing to whatever pop cd shes listening to while doing dishes, ella and louis in my speakers
drove: to work and back with the AC off..even though its one of the hottest days of the summer
spoke with: anna grace and jason about playing at the coffee shop soon
ate: a sandwich from work
enjoied: iced coffee...because the movie reminded me i like it black this way
spent: $3 on two bottles of Snapple ellements "fire"
if you'd please look to your left, you'll notice new updated links. please do enjoy.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

here i am.
the drive was realy good. i expected to be horribly tired...but though i'd worked all morning and afternoon, and couldnt leave augusta till about 4...i didnt get tired on the 7 hr drive. of course, i played lots of mix cds..and then made phone calls after 9 in order to keep myself awake. (thanks peter)

haley's comming to see me tonight and tomorrow. i was giving her directions while trying to navigate myself back onto the interstate from a pitstop. i *hope* she was able to understand me despite the odd pauses caused by me trying to remember things i havent done in a while AND figure out where im going. wee! its all good. shes bringing scrabble!

springstead said he might be able to meet us up in meridian tomorrow after church. that would be so good. yup. haleybelle , michael d springstead, and the coffee girl. woo!

my family is doing well. mom's staying busy trying to prevent dad from doing more than he's supposed to. last night he had a notion that he could help move furniture in the living room..but i think it was all just to make mom do her panic thing and entertain him a bit. i brought dad a couple of books and over a doizen movies to keep him occupied for a few weeks.

bubye, now

Thursday, July 08, 2004

hey kids!
dad's home again as of yesterday...
so tomorrow evening or saturday morning i plan to make a trek over to butler, AL to visit my family for a couple of days.
im just throwing this out there so any of you sort of nearby can consider saying hello to me in passing or whatever ;)

Monday, July 05, 2004

in one month i'll be visiting my :)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

this evening i drove home
toward the falling sun
clouds threatened audible
as i pressed forward
drawn into the magic glow
for the first time in my memory
i saw the sunset in the rain

imagine the greyest rainy day
soaked streets
busy with traffic
and the golden orange glow
combined with a sunset
more than pictureesque

i've never seen it...or imagined

greyst gloom
kissed with gold
and i'm pulled into this
majestic color scheme
faster than i ought to be
amid the falling steams
yet safe

and afterward
all's wet
and grey
and gold
and lighter
as it fades into night

Friday, July 02, 2004

today went fine. daddy got through the surgery without a hitch and is in recovery now. he is probably starting to wake by now. he'll be off the ventelator tomorrow and will spend about 7 days in the hospital..then another 5 weeks or so recovering at home.

mom's stying at home with the twins tonight..but tomorrow the twins are staying with church members through the day and the same neighbors they stayed with last night again tomorrow night. they did okay staying there last night..but had a little bit of trouble sleeping. (my sisters havnt spent much time sleeping away from mom and dad..much less when things are all a bit uncertain and scary for them)

i'm doing fine. ive seen a lot scarier things in my when christina was born and we thought she was going to be gone from us on the first day...and every day after that was sort of uncertain. dads this time was only a problem being fixed..that we knew could be fixed..and we now know is fixed. it stands as a reminder that dad wont be with me forever...but it also means ive got him for today..and i've had him for the last 22 years.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


"my dad's been having chest pains for a couple of weeks now and this morning he went in for an appointment with his chardiologist..and found out the nurse had told him the wrong day, and he'd actually missed his appointment by two days, his doctor wasnt in today. however, dad was having pains when he arrived at the hospital for the they suggested he go ahead and get checked out in the ER. so, he spent the day getting tests and and all that unfun stuff..and they are keeping him overnight. if they dont find anything, he'll go home tomorrow. if they do find blockage, they'll operate and he'll spend a second night at the hospital.

i talked to him a couple of times this evening..he said theyve kept him busy with blood work and shots and junk...he seems to have a good attitude about it all. he told me on the phone that he remembers his father had open heart surgery at the age my father is now.

just toss up a prayer, if you will. my dad's in his 50's, but i dont think of him as old enough to be having stuff like this become a problem...he's got nine year olds at home, even.


they found blockage that couldnt be repaired with stints, so they are having to perform a bypass tomorrow morning..should be a 3 hr or so surgury. his surgeon said that dads in the best health he's treated this way, so thats good. everything looks up. mom's staying with him at the hospital tonight, the twins are staying with the neighbors. surgury should begin around 7:15 am cst.
dad will likely be in the hospital still another 5 to 7 days..and may not be able to fill the pulpit at his church for a couple of weeks."

i'll post more updates as i know things....still feels kind of distant and surreal to me. hopefully it wont ahve to settle in as a reality....everything will just be fine?

thanks to my praying friends and to everyone who's been checking up on him.