Tuesday, September 14, 2004

roundup is delayed

a couple of weeks ago i bought a jug of roundup for my weed problem. i sprayed the entier perimeter of the weedfilled backyard with as much as i could one afternoon, but couldnt spray it far enough into the center to reach the whole mess.
i resprayed it a couple of days later...then after a week or so, didnt notice much change, so i pourd the leftover weed killer into the area closest to the deck, just to get rid of it. now, a week after that, the perimeter has died off significantly and where i poured the most of it seems to be completely dead. nice! now i just need something that can get to the middle of the mess...concentrated weed killer, a garden hose, and a spray attachment mixing bottle..yes! :)
what i'd LOVE would be a sprinkler that could be attached to a feed line of weed killer and just set that out in the middle of the yard :)

(there is no grass to have worry for)

1 comment:

coffee girl said...

remind em to photograph the weeds tomorrow...i need to not forget the house of weeds.