Saturday, January 29, 2005

greetings from your friendly neighborhood ice queen

last night two young ladies and myself ventured off to the Pedro show in Atlanta. its about a 2 and a half hour drive and the show kicked off and 9...before leaving, i checked out the opening band online (earlimart....i strongly suggest that you go there and click on "e-card" to hear their new album...many of you will love it) and they seemed like something to look forward to from their online samples..and photos..and the drawings on their website remind me of stuff that one of the girls from work draws...very cool, i tell you.

there was projected light sleet begining in atlanta at 9pm, also..progressing to more sleet throughout the night..and sleet starting in augusta around 3am....which is when i projected we'd get home in NORMAL we assumed we may be a bit slowed down on the return...if worse came to worse, mary and amy know some people in atlanta we could possibly stay with for the night if we couldnt make it back..and neither of us have work on saturday morning...i did have need to be back by 3pm, for work, of course.

i enjoyed the show very much
we arrived just as little bits of ice were starting to fall from the sky...parked at 9pm about three blocks away...walked to the venue..then mary couldnt find her money, so we walked back to her car...three blocks..all the while amy is not wearing a proper coat for the chilly evening and left her gloves and scarf in the shes freezing and stuff..we get to the car...and mary finds that her money was in her inside jacket pocket the whole time..we get a scarf for amy and walk back the 3 blocks..get into the venue and find some people amy and mary know.

the music began just about ten minutes or so after we arrived..which is fabulous...i love not having to wait for the delays

this show was slightly different than any expected..even anyone familiar with Earlimart...because most of Earlimart wasnt actually there.
turns out they had van trouble back in orlando and the lead guy hopped on a plane to make it to this show. so the opening act consisted of three members of pedro the aaron espinoza, of earlimart..playing earlimart songs...and they proceeded to name themselves "EarliLion"

i think my favorite part was frank lenz playing the tambourine with all he had while taking drags from his cigarette during off times..there was even one number with claps, which lenz performed with great skill.....bazen was on drums during lenz's stints as the tambourine man...then bazen and lenz traded and bazen was playing his shaker with utmost concentration. it was the coolest..i would love to have had a camera with me to capture that reminded to me will farell in the SNL cowbell sketch.

after a brief intermission, ptl took on full stage with everyone where they belong and all much enjoyed it. this was the largest venue and crowd i've ever seen for a pedro the lion is a good thing, indeed. the whole lineup of songs was perfect..but i dont have a list of it or anything...just..yeah..all good things came to an end

this was mary's first pedro show and shes been a fan of theirs for years so she was sad to have it end

driving home wasn't too bad, was slightly icey..and the interstate in atlanta was really creepy looking with so few cars traveling it...we were able to driving between 30 and 40 mph through the iciest parts..and then about 100 miles from home we were up to 50-70mph...we got back just an hour later than projected..all unscathed.

it was a lovely trip and i had a lot of fun sharing musical interests with some girls i dont know very well. mary and i share a lot of similar likes...and i havent found very many people whom i share those with since coming to augusta.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

i have a crush on someone for his speaking voice

i am an NPR listener. not the type of person who just listens from time to time to feel more one of those who knows the shows names and the names of the hosts and is absolutely THRILLED that she can pick up not just one but TWO national public radio stations from anywhere in town due to being so near the georgia/carolina state line. i'm a fan. i'm not as avid in the know of things as some people, i'm sure...(like carole, for example..i am certain she ahs more NPR prowes than i...but she has her goals, you know)

this entry...however..will not be about all of my NPR will only be about one person..even. its not even a program i would normally be drawn to listen to...but because of its host...i am filled with delight when i am in the car while he is speaking...therefore it becomes my favorite subject..whatever it is that he's talking about (and honestly...i usually am not even paying attention to what that topic IS because i get so lost in the inflections of his voice and the tone of it and the warmth...etc)
i'm talking about David of Marketplace. (and now that i've said that, someone searching for information about the show will stumble upon my blog and i might be found out...oh dear!)

It started out just as a "he has a nice voice" sort of thing...and since my car is always tuned to one of the NPR stations, i hear a lot of it...and unlike when you watch the same TV show a while and feel as though you know how a character will react to various things...this is different..because he's not realy working from a script...he's playing himself..mostly.

one afternoon i chanced upon an segment he was doing with someone else else from marketplace..i forget what they were talking about..but it was something that the other guy was more the expert in...and the other guy was also named David, oddly this segment you could tell these guys knew each other...hung out from time to time...laughed together at things in the office..etc. david brown sounded a little different than his familiar everyday sound..and maybe i didnt even enjoy him as much for his voice at that moment..because he was less the cold marketplace NPR host and more a talk show host who makes jokes when its alright and that such thing.

i guess this could sound sort of creepy....but i dont mean it to be...i just like the way he sounds....and it helps me smile and laugh at myself as i'm driving to choir rehearsals in the evenings.

and just to prove i have no stalking intentions...the reason i have not posted even a link to his bio photo as a reference in this entry is that i an not at all attracted to his looks. (no offense please, david....your hair is pretty!)

heres a game of sorts

its time for some audience participation:
ask me anything....i will be honest in my answers

lookie..a blog thingy

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Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:Michael from Mountains
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:Nothing Can Be Done
Describe where you want to be:In France They Kiss on Main Street
Describe what you want to be:I Wish I Were in Love Again
Describe how you live:I Won't Cry
Describe how you love:Real Good for Free
Share a few words of wisdom:Don't Interrupt The Sorrow

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now if only i could get my hands on all of these and make a mix album of it :)

Monday, January 24, 2005

does A plus B plus C equal D?

A. becca works in a coffee shop
B. becca has a strange attraction to the german language and has thought from time to time of going there for some length of time to submerse herself in it
C. becca doesnt want to do worthless things with her life.

so...what is D...and how do these combine to get to that?
my roommate, jen, has for the last year and a half frequently mentioned a friend of hers whom i remind her of...we seem to have many common interests..from musical tastes to our occupations and dreams. i've always thought it would be neat to meet this girl...but jen hasn't even spoken to her in about a year because of various issues with people not knowing other peoples numbers and one of those people living in germany at the moment. so, recently jens friend has been trying to get in touch with jen but keeps leaving voice messages without a phone number...much to the frustration of jen. (this part of the story is rather irrelevant to you folk...but listen attentively)
anyhow...jen did speak with the parental units of this friend on the phone (who gave too many digits in the phone number they had...crazy) and found that her friend is soon comming home from her mission position in germany where what she does is work in a coffee shop (please tell me HOW can one find that sort of opportunity!?) and returning to spain, where jen met her in the first place. jen has mentioned to me this coffee shop ministry in germany thing before but since she hasnt spoken to ehr friend, she doesnt realy know the details or what organization its with or anything...but now she knows that it might soon have an opening..and wouldnt that be something?

yeah..anyhow...this is where i sit here with all of these puzzle pieces and try to shove a few of them together in what looks like the correct way...and then i wait to see if they realy fit or not. here's to hoping jen gets to talk to her friend soon..mainly because its driving jen crazy not to track her down..but also because wouldnt it be cool if i could go there? yes...i'd do it without hessitation.

Monday, January 17, 2005

on the verge of spontaneous naping

yesterday morning and afternoon seemed fairly normal..then around 6:30 i decided to read for a little while..and by 7pm i was asleep. i slept from 7pm til nearly 5am...went to work..was very very sleepy all through the day at work...decided to look at a few antique stores before comming home, to prevent a nap for a while..and now im home about the die of sleepiness.

i have no idea.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"...and now you're even older...and now you're even older..."

ah...what a marvelously enjoyable extended weekend i've just spent!

i wish i could fold the boring empty parts of the south out of the way and make travel distance much shortened between the people i love, adore, and miss so very much. ya know...make new orleans border hattieburg, and laurel border atlanta..and take out an hour and a half or so from atlanta to augusta...right? who needs those long stretches of interstate and dirty gas stations?

mad props..or credits..or whatever...
-jason and jennifer brunet....marvelous hosts with much sweetness to enjoy. i felt so at home with you guys...i miss my place on your couch very very much now. come to augusta anytime you want.
- was good seeing you. you're always you...and thats good to know.'re MARRIED and i'm very happy for you...and now youre in IRELAND and i'm very jealous of you! i hope to see a bit more of you in the enarer than distant future. mayhaps i should venture to boston, taking you up on that offer i heard you extend. yes..we NEEd to spend some time..after you resettle a little bit.
-fishies that i ate...yummm
-julie...i squeezed you once..and it was much needed....your dog is still insane..and i miss you so very much. are such a true friend..i dont deserve you! thank you for spending the whole entire day with me...and for playing with me..and being so you and so sweet. bug GOSH youre so DANG intimidating! ;) hee heee heeee! augusta is calling you.
-christopher lovely....thank you for being one of my best friends...and for opening your floor and couch and whatever else is needed for us. be careful as you cross the room...there are dangerous obstacles. always beyond your vision ;) i'm glad you are enjoying your new job..and are being able to play with WCC peoples, too. i miss that a lot
-drew..david..steph..Dr. Roberts...and everyone else who i saw and who is likely not to read was great crossing your paths again...i do miss the musical surroundings i wrapped myself in during my time in the 'burg years ago. i wih it weren't so far away from where im now calling "home" didnt answer your phone! i'm sad now. :( set up your voicemail please.
-michael glad we were able to see you on our way back in..and eric DOES! who knew? i'm happy for the way things are going for you..i am ecstatic, even! (who didnt know he's getting MARRIED in may? yeah..he is!) realy though..let me know if there's some way that i/we/anyone can help with plans or whatever else. prayers are offered without the asking.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

i do not know why i bother to keep everyone updated on such mundane details of a life? its rather dull...honestly. however...there is an intriguing (i miss the dropped e in that word soooo dearly) proposal posed across the livejournal community..and i dont see why we cant take it online-journal-wide...right? bloggers..xanga friends...diaryland...all..lets spend a day in unreality.

06:26 pm - Mark your calendars: January 27th is Rabbit Hole Day
"A few months ago, I had a dream in which LiveJournal and everyone on it went completely nuts for a day. The entire world had turned upside-down and inside-out and nobody was their normal self anymore. And it was such a good read, that I think it should happen for real.

January 27th is the birthday of Lewis Carrol, author of ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. Alice fell down a rabbit hole into a place where everything had changed and none of the rules could be counted on to apply anymore. I say, let's do the same: January 27th, 2005 should be the First Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day. When you post on that Thursday, instead of the normal daily life and work and news and politics, write about the strange new world you have found yourself in for the day, with its strange new life and work and news and politics. Are your pets talking back at you now? Has your child suddenly grown to full adulthood? Does everyone at work think you're someone else now? Did Bush step down from the White House to become a pro-circuit tap-dancer? Did Zoroastrian missionaries show up on your doorstep with literature in 3-D? Have you been placed under house arrest by bizarre insectoid women wielding clubs made of lunchmeat?

Let's have a day where nobody's life makes sense anymore, where any random LJ you click on will bring you some strange new tale. Let's all fall down the Rabbit Hole for 24 hours and see what's there. It will be beautiful."

so, there you have it.

in other news...that mundane sort i bring you so was my day off and i spent it just as such..doing almost absolutely nothing of importance to anybody else. i do believe it was my first honest day of nothing in at least three weeks, if not longer.

i slept past eleven...climbed out of bed and sat in front of the computer for a little while...then i transported myself to the kitchen to gather some sort of a meal...had my brunch on the floor in front of the television while i watched malcom in the middle. ...then i decided to get dressed and watch a movie while i painted my nails (yes, this became a planned event with a decision beforehand to do just as not forget that i am indeed a girl.) i watched My Fair Lady (yes, all three hours of it) and upon its ending, i realised that i had plenty of time to waste in the bathtub shaving my legs (because was 70 degrees out..and i was at the time wearing a skirt..and would be in public later in the evening) and then that i should go ahead and wash my hair so i wouldnt have to do it tomorrow morning before sunup.

after the lovely clean time and making myself smell like patchouli and almond and lavender...i went to the first Augusta Choral Society rehearsal since our christmas concert. we began the work of parts two and three of Handels Messiah..quite a bit more challenging than the ever-frequently heard and performed christmas portion. i dont know if it was where i sat in the room or what..but i just couldnt get into a good rehearsal flow...and i cant not sit by the lady whom i want to blame for my bad night..because she ALWAYS saves me a seat by her so she can hear me. who's going to help ME when i dont know whats goin on, though? i guess i'll have to listen to the cd a *lot* to help i dont get thrown off by her as she listens to me. im not a snob..i swear...but it was REALY difficult tonight to find where we were supposed to be singing because this lady tends to sing ANYTHING even if she has no idea where she is or what the pitch SHOULD be.

yeah..thats all i did today...pamper myself and then feel sorry for myself while trying to sing.
now im to bed for work comes in the morning. the way..i cant remember if i mentioned it already, but...
1. nick and i are to be in new orleans this weekend and stopping by hattiesburg on monday as if youre in the area, dont be surprised if i turn up.
and 2. sunday is my birthday. it kind of sneaks up on me with all the christmas and new years just comming down from that. i wont be home for my i dont know when my family will get together for it. feels kind of strange..and still definitely mundane.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

dirty pinko hippie update

my letter was well-recieved by all inhabitants!

today began day one of our house being a home that recycles.
we have a three-tiered metal storage cart in our kitchen that wasnt being used for ANYthing ..had just been put there to be out of any of our smaller i designated it the "recycling center" where all CLEAN recycleables will be placed 'till they take up too much which point they will be delivered to one of the drop-off sites.

(tom, you'll be happy to know that the sign i hung over the cart is on the back of a previously used scrap of paper)

on a tangent...
it has just occured to me that i use this journal very visually...attempting to let each reader actually see what it is like to live around me...perhaps more than the people i know in person. its probably because you are my captive audience..and you may as well know all i can shove into your heads about me if you're to be reading anything at all of the subject.
while i'm less "this is only what im thinking" and more "this is what i think about what im doing."
mayhaps i'm attempting to be interesting. (yes...i use words as "mayhaps"..i havent figured out if rebekah and i made it up at work one day, or if it was already a word before we began accidently using it...)