Monday, June 30, 2003

green tea in a colbalt blue glass mug never looks steeped.


i'm watching knight rider.
i havent seen this show since i was like..7...i swear. but i used to watch it ALL the time when i was little....its a part of me.
did david hasselhoff EVER lose the curly mullet look? and is that mr. feeney i hear?

anyhow..nothing big happening here...the family is still in town..staying an extra day due to tropical storm bill.
i still havent started the job hunt..becuase i was waiting for them to leave before bothering with it.

next weeks plans include:
.revise resume.
.get, fill out, and return job applications to all number of places.
.go see dr. john bryan at the baptist association office.
.meet whoever it is that john bryan told dad about who wants to do some sort of coffee shop ministry.
.find a music store to buy a tuner from.
.read a book.
.call rebecca butler and find out if we have anything in common anymore...i may have TWO friends remaining in town!

yeah....pitiful, aint it?

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


it was NOT the alternator!
"...And there was much rejoicing" *
dad decided that it was probably the battery he replaced those and now it should be good. time will tell.
"Time is a slow sword that can pierce any armor..." **

*Monty Pothon and The Holy Grail
** The Normals-Don't Hold Back idea why i've suddenly fallen in love with The Normals lyrics all over again....i'd actually completely forgoten that i have two of their albums.
my family got in town last night..but i haven't seen them all yet. i've only seen daddy. He took me to the Allens house and after having the battery charged all of yesterday, my car started. So we brought it to my grandmother's house where dad can better work on it.

to be continued.....

Saturday, June 21, 2003

well..the news today is....

my car broke....


its a shame too..because she had been behaving so well in the last few months.

this afternoon as i was about to reach my destination at the Allen family's check engine light came on...and my radio began to cut in and out. i figured i'd just let it sit in heir driveway till later when i'd try to crank tonight around 8:30 i decided to see if it would work..and of did i got Katherine and Michael to bring me home...and my car is siting in their driveway till tuesday when my family will be here and dad will be able to come check it out...and hopefully fix it..and hopefully it wont cost a lot.

*crosses fingers*

Thursday, June 19, 2003

my closet smells like coffee...and i like that.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

it seems i've been rather longwinded lately...looking at my last number of entries.
its a side effect of having a lot of extra time to spend in front of a computer...and a lot of time to process everything that happens within a day.

today i explored.
i drove out washington road to Serendipity coffee shop. i discovered that it is brand new..about to celebrate its three month anniversary. i took my coffee shop journal with me..(place where i've begun keeping note of various things having to do with opening a coffee shop)
i'm kind of split on my feelings about the place...
Its a cute little shop with potential to become a great hit with those who live on that side of Augusta (its realy about 17 miles outside of augusta.)It has both a downstairs room full of tables, and a loft room with tables, cushioned benches, and a number of games--including scrabble and some table tops designed as ready-made checker boards. the downfalls are...they only keep a regular and decaff brewed coffee..and they didnt have hot tea, as far as i could tell. I prefer having a couple of coffee options besides espresso concoctions...and some days one just wants a cup of tea. however, i do realise that the money is in the espresso drinks....and this place, being very new, needs the money. so...wise choice? perhaps. it also has a tendency to look rather sterile--ina hospital sense...and cookie cutterish, which is increased by their pride in serving Starbuck's coffees.

at any rate, i'll probably go back....especially since they stay open to the times that a coffee shop with any sense should-11 pm during the week and midnight on weekends. i'll support that as i am able.

I still have three or four shops to track down and sample. nothing like driving around with a map open in the passenger seat and always keeping eyes pealed for street address numbers. :)

Monday, June 16, 2003

its a rainy day...and what better is there to do on such a day than to write about it?

its a rainy day...and what better is there to do on such a day than to write about it?

i dressed sort of decently today..because grandma and i had plans to find one of the coffee shops in Aiken and then go to a concert in a park there...but we just found out the concert has been have our plans.

now wearing:
-black racer-backed tank
-creame colord chrocheted openwork sweater thingy with realy neato sleeves
-jeans with three or four inch cuffs
-satin slippers that i wore for my recital and wear now because they keep my toes warm and my feet happy in the house.
-hair messy-curly-happy

now hearing:
-Jessye Norman singing the songs of Alban Berg (mmmm i could just eat her voice!)
-Jeff Buckley...untill i decided that the streaming was slowing the computer down far too much
-starflyer 59 (the yellow album?)

i've been working on finding my way around this place. The other day i went to wal-mart and purchased three maps: one of the North Augusta/Augusta area, another of georgia, and one of south carolina. I came home and immediately spread all three out on the bed and examined them..connecting things i know with things that i vaguely remember. I've also begun trying to locate the three or four coffee shops i've read about in the area. soon i will venture out to find them and hopefully these maps will help me know where i am, should i get lost on the way.
*briefly leaves the computer*

*returns with a glass of water*
on my way back to the computer i paused in the enclosed back porched and gazed into the backyard for a moment. I've decided that the word to describe it is "magical." the way the yellow sky drops bits of rain down upon the slightly overgrown hedges surrounding bricked walkways leading in various directions...seems simply...magical.

i've recently begun reading about this business of starting a small that if this coffee shop thing is realy what i want to do...i will at least know a bit more about what it takes to do so. I've been reading about small business administration on the internet..and taking various enterprunuership(sp?) quizes, and reading the book that mom and dad gave me for my birthday on starting and running ones own coffee specialty business.
Completely disrelated...saturday grandma went to the libraryand checked out for me a volume containing four C.S.Lewis books: Surprsed By Joy, Reflections on the Psalms, The four Loves, and The Business of Heaven. I've begun The Four Loves..but due to the distractions of this computer..i've only made it into the second chapter thus far.

the rain has slowed now to a gentle sprinkle and the thunder, though frequent, seems to have moved off into the distance...

np: Ferne Lieder (Distant Songs)
A cypress grove,
ancient springs flowing.
Above the sea in the evening glow
black swallows are darting.

From the white villa
comes a sweet lament:
a woman playing and singing
songs of another day.

A great silence is spun,
the fountains rise;
and the distant songs are
silence turned to sound.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

***note my little heart is pounding with coffee shop excitement from this next bit of news!***
Tonight my grandmother and i went to a harp concert. before the concert started, a man asked if he could sit on the bench next to my grandmother and i. i looked up and to my surprise, it was Johnny Carr! We used to go to church with him! of course, i was 8 at the time, so i knew he didnt recognize i said "HEY!" and then followed that with "I'm becca gosey!" and he then knew who i was and said he'd never have known it was me. Johnny used to lead a lot of things for the kids at Curtis Baptist Church during the summer..i was one of those kids. He and his oldest son, Jeremy, were there for the concert. Jeremy is a youth minister now at a church in the area and is attending the new orleans semenary via atlanta extention center.
anyhow..on with the news.. Johnny asks me what i'm doing and all..and i tell him about my desires to open a coffee shop and he asks "like..a downtown coffee shop?" and i can tell he's got some great idea in his head at this i'm like "yeah, probably. i'm not realy sure yet where, or when, or how..but yeah" and he starts telling me about this old closed theatre building across from the imperial theatre on broad street in Augusta. He told me that he's talked to the man that owns it..and he doesnt want to sell it...but he has told Johnny that he would sell it to HIM if it were to be used for christian events and such. Johnny wants to use it for a family oriented thatre company sort of thing for kids in the area. he told me that he'd already talked about how the lobby area would be absolutely *perfect* for a coffee shop. he said that the front is in great condition still, though the theatre part needs a lot of work. he says its all marble floors and has 1940s decor. mmmmmm
so...if he and i could get these dreams put together...wemay be onto something great!
the guy wants 350,000 for the whole place..but johnny wants to talk him down to 200,000...and maybe get curtis Baptist to buy it for use for passion plays instead of having to rent the imperial for 1000 per day for a week every year.

anyhow..i'm going to be praying about that..and checking out what i can do about money and stuff..this is the motivation i need!

ALSO..he asked me about what i play musically..and i barely had time to mention that i just got a cello before he was all excited asking me to come play with the orchestra at Curtis because theyve been praying for a cello player to come to them! ack! again..motivation i need! i'll probably visit the church soon and see if he can give me a copy of the music to see how dificult it may be to learn.



Tuesday, June 10, 2003 computer died. the hard drive was completetely'm glad that i've got a lot of my writings and things on the internet..such as this.
it couldnt have happened at a better time..because i'm at a point right now where there wasnt a lot of stuff on that drive that *needed*
sure, there were things i liked to go back and look at..and i'll miss that. and there were pictures i'd scanned and now won't have in digital formats..but its not the end of the world by any means. i think the largest loss is that i'll have to retype the resumes i'd just updated the day before the thing died. (i KNEW i should have printed those that night!)
i'm not even that worried about having lost a ton of MP3s.
i just realy am not that concerned about it at the moment.

so...i'll be using grandma's computer while i'm there. dont expect me to fall off of the face of the earth.

so..on moving.
i'm about to move to my grandmother's...hoping to leave tomorrow.
i'm not going to say it is for any certain length of time. it's kind of on a trial basis for now.
this is good..and bad at the same time.
good because i dont have to worry if i dont find my niche there. i can always go someplace else or come back home.
bad because it makes it difficult to know what to do about my bank account and looking for a job and things of that nature.
i'm still trying to figure out if i'm going to open an account there, or here where my parents live...neither feel very permanent..

those of you that pray...pray for me and my grandmother as we try this out. pray for my church hunt in north augusta, pray for wisdom for me as i decide what to do about money and jobs and such, and pray for my parents as they watch me drive away. thanks. We all need it.

the end