Sunday, September 12, 2004

googlism: my family is indeed the perfect wolfpack family

this morning my dad preached for the congregation at lake park baptist church. after the service, the church voted to call him as their pastor. tonight he preaches the evening service, then the family will spend the week doing a bit of house hunting...his first sunday as their pastor will be on october 24th. gosey's all in one city again...strange? i guess this is today's "home."

nick and myself will continue to go to first pres and stay active in our choir there...i think its a perfect fit for us, at the moment. i havent met dad's new church yet, so im going this evening to hear him and meet some people. i'll fill you in on that later ;)

(it should also be noted that when i was looking up my title for this entry, i also found "my family is considered a little crazy in the coffee producing"...bit opted to not use it just yet)

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Anonymous said...

that's great!!! what a wonderful plan of God's!! :)

i'm really enjoying my new church and the ministry that is unfolding there. God's working something great!