Sunday, September 05, 2004

coffee girl is on board

i just realised that september could prove to be a fairly busy month in the life of one who's not been overly busy since college.

at work i'll be keeping the schedule flowing, evaluating trainees, descerning who else can head shifts, learning to share responsibilities with the owners and another manager (my brother?), and working my usual full-time share.

in the rest of my life there will be a significant visit from my family the week of the which dad will preach a trial sermon for a church in this area and the congregation will vote on him. if the vote is positive, the family will begin a serious house hunt during their stay that week and will make plans for moving, if not...there will be the disapointment. either way, we'll also be celebrating dad's the twins's, and mom's birthdays that week, as all will have occured within a month.

the 17th a michael springstead will be swinging through augusta on his way to a wedding in savanah. depending on work scheduling and other plans, nick and/or myself may or may not attend the wedding with the springstead on the 18th. we also hope to spend some time with him that sunday, the 19th, and show him our lovely church and church family.

on the evening of the 19th, there is a concert i very much wish to attend in columbia, sc (one hours drive from home) and i believe it starts as early as there may not be quite as much time to spend with springstead as i'd thought..on my part. the concert is Unwed Sailor AND Questions in Dialect...a not-to-be-missed treat i've been waiting for for a couple of years.

that same weekend is the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festivities...and i'd hate to miss catching at least a few hours of that.

these are the joys and conbined woes of a girl who doesnt like to miss out on anything.

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