Tuesday, September 30, 2003

1. i think template updates are now complete.

2. i cant believe no one mentioned that i had typed "a. e. poe" instead of "e. a. poe"

3. those of you who are linked, if you'd rather not be, let me know

4. those of you who are not linked, if you'd rather be, let me know

Sunday, September 28, 2003

i just stayed up an hour and a half later than i ought to have because i was messing with my blog template. whoops.
i'm planning a trip to hattiesburg soon. it will be a short one..but i need it. i thought some of you would like to know. definite plans will be forthcomming. very possibly next week. while in town i'll be staying with nick and chris. now you cant say you didnt know how to find me :)

recent purchasses:
a burr coffee grinder from Ebay
a book of stories and poems by E. A. Poe (on sale for about 1/3 of the original cost)
a blank card to send
Apples to Apples crate eddition (one of the best group games ever)
a chai latte for myself and a brownie mocha frappe' for my friend katherine.

speaking of katherine...
ive realy come to appreciate days i get to spend with katherine. most of you dont know her..and that is sad..because she's great to know. we've known each other since we were 6 and 7. i can honestly say that our friendship has surpassed time and space barriers..and i'm surprised. after i moved away from here i always thought we stayed friends because our parents are friends..but now its more than that..its more that right now we need to be friends....and God knew we'd need that connection where we are in our lives now..so he kept us in touch for the last 13 or 14 years.
It's hard though, to hang out and not spend most of our time talking about how things were when we were kids....but i think we do that because we have so much time gapped where we didnt get to forget the kid memories and replace them with addolesent and highschool memories. its like we suddenly jumped from kids into adults with no transition at all.
What's funny to me is..if you took a list of our interests and profiled what we like to spend our time doing..then put the lists side by side..or knew katherine and i completely seperate of one another during the time that we have been apart...you'd probably not think we'd find much in common to want to spend any time together...yet she and i can finnish each other sentances and laugh till 1:00am and have conversations about what God is doing in our lives and see completely eye to eye on things.
God's kinda neat.
katherine, i promise its not just that we're strange, misplaced, and misunderstood :)

Friday, September 26, 2003

wow..its been a week since i updated?
well the week's rundown includes:
a bad sunburn
the last five iron frenzy show i'll ever see
getting kicked in the hand and having that swell up realy fast (the swelling is gone and now its just a bruise)
enjoying working nights wed-fri and working tomorrow morning
sleep that includes dreams--a rare thing for me. (last night i dreamed that my boss's wife handed me a random check for $196.00...not a paycheck..just an out of the blue one. dont i wish dreams came true?)

Friday, September 19, 2003

insanely sleepy now and no work tomorrow. bed soon.

mom and sisters visiting..good times.

arts in the heart of augusta festival tomorrow...havent been in to it in something like 13 or 14 years...arts and multiculture make me happy. exposing little sisters to these things makes it even better.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

today is the most beautiful day of september!

light breeze, 76 degrees, low humidity, bluest blue sky, leaves falling, everything still mostly green. yumm!
why am i inside? i wont be soon..i've got to find a good place to enjoy this!

Monday, September 15, 2003

i almost never put these things here...but i am today.


The ULTIMATE personality test
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Sunday, September 14, 2003

i've been pretty much regularly attending first presbyterian church of augusta...about every other week now. i even went to sunday school once. last thursday a girl i work with told me that they'd had a congregational meeting the night before about some problems in the church and that also Dr. Ortlund, the pastor, had resigned.
Now, the only reason i ever visited FPCA was because michael roderick told me i *had* to go hear Dr. Ortlund preach..and it was Dr. Ortlund's preaching that kept bringing me back...but also the spirit of true worship and teachability within the congregation. there is just something refreshing about sitting among that church..something i haven't seen or felt anywhere else. i'm thinking that God kept Dr Ortlund there just long enough to get me in those walls a few times and feel His Spirit there.
Dr. Ortlund will be there till the 5th of October and i plan to absorb as much of his teaching as i can between now and then, but i also plan to not let his leaving cause me to go wandering to another church for another "great speaker." I'm still not certain that i agree with the presbyterian church on all counts...but i cannot ignore the life and eagerness i've seen, felt, and experienced in that church.
Tonight at the evening service during the hymn singing i had to make myself stop singing so i could listen to the congregation. everyone who was able was singing with energy and conviction. that is rare among churches. that is rare. it is a treasure. it is *worship*. i couldnt stop saying to myself over in my head "the true worshipers will worship in spirit and in truth."
at the close of ther service i was overwhelmed by how much love i felt for this group of people whom i realy dont know. i love them for their attentiveness to teaching, for their joy, for filling the pews, for accepting anyone who happens to sit next to them, for the people who've remembered my name even though i've not been very outgoing. i'm excited about this church. i'm excited about who god will bring to teach them after Dr. Ortlund. The sermon tonight was on The Church in Renewal..and i'm excited about that. i want to be a part of this renewal..and i am certain that if i continue to become a part of that fellowship, if not through membership yet, but only through being involved in it, i will be.
i cant get it all into words, so i'll stop for now. i just needed to type all of this out for me before i went to bed and forgot about the excitement.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

the moon, my constant companion

sweetly kissed by his beams
as i drift into dreams.
when i wake his light guides my way.

In this darkest blue night
I need no other light
the clouds and the haze drift aside.

with an indirect glow
forms are lost in shadow
my eyes reflect all night and space.

he shines bright in full phase
although knowing in days
his love will be lost in black night.

then I'll once more rely
on inanimate lights
while traveling this life on my own.

i've been fixated and facinated by how beautifully comforting, yet lonely the full moon has seemed in recent days. being at work before the sun has risen gives me extra time to contemplate these things.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

now hear this:
all of you (meaning certain boys) need to get out of my head or at least give me a good reason as to your being stuck in there so often. i have spoken. this is law.

Friday, September 05, 2003

my week of night shift is over. and i have to say, i'm glad to see it over.
i enjoied getting to sleep in.
i enjoied getting to stretch mywings and have the bar to myself a lot more.
i enjoied seeing how quickly we can get closed.
but i missed having free time in the afternoons and evenings.
and i missed having someone to goof off with at work
and i missed having that second person to help take up slack and to allow for more thurough cleanings during shifts.

tomorrow i have not got work, so i must go find some extra black pants for to wear while i work.
tomorrow i also plan to get myself a blockbuster card and rent movies with my "two rentals for 99 cents each" coupon. i havent decided yet what to get. i think one will be Life is Beautiful, because i have yet to see it and realise that i must. the other *might* be This Is Spinal Tap...because nick and springstead have both urged me in that direction..and it would be a good complete contrast to the first choice. i enjoy contrasting movies. now, with only having at that time spent about 2 bucks on rentals, i'll rent at least one more..and that is yet to be decided. feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section. Crap! i just noticed the coupon is only for new releases....so there go those choices... :\ well, suggest some new releases for me, eh.