Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the bride is

Googlism for: the bride

the bride is an overcomer
the bride is a lover
the bride is much too beautiful
the bride is
the bride is finally ready for the coming of her lover
the bride is ready
the bride is chosen
the bride is your daughter—well she's your daughter and if she's your daughter
the bride is both touching and funny
the bride is to see that the bride's wishes are carried out the bride's way
the bride is presented to the groom's ancestors in the presence of both parents during a wedding in ho chi minh city
the bride is extremely successful on both accounts
the bride is undoubtedly in the most enviable position
the bride is expected to combine warmth and wit into one short address
the bride is the daughter of mr
the bride is definitely not an exception of ms
the bride is part of a crowd
the bride is selecting gowns for her attendants
the bride is a young girl
the bride is chock full of comforting suggestions from women
the bride is blessed and given some silver coins
the bride is assisted by the driving rhythm of the music
the bride is white satin
the bride is the one wedding participant who is likely to feel the most left out during the organisation of the wedding
the bride is not without certain charms
the bride is traditionally the first person to greet the arriving guests in
the bride is proof
the bride is a harmless time killer
the bride is a breakthrough in the field of eschatology
the bride is often given to a son or daughter
the bride is a success
the bride is selected by the boy's family the couple exchange rings in a ceremony accompanied by serving of sweets
the bride is a loose remake of the 1935 horror classic the bride of frankenstein
the bride is brought to the mandap
the bride is an important release for a couple of reasons
the bride is your one
the bride is given a ritual bath
the bride is the most memorable vision of any wedding
the bride is rubbed with ointments and cosmetics daily
the bride is essentially an argentinian version of treacly middle
the bride is a heartwarming story about personal transformation that is consistently fresh and funny
the bride is just what it appears to be
the bride is free to decide what she wants to do at her wedding as long as she keeps it tasteful
the bride is getting more gifts
the bride is even now in the process of being perfected
the bride is given to the groom by her father
the bride is the holy city

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

next weekend!

in case you're wondering: still not nervous.

ive made so many lists and timelines, that the only way i could miss any details is if i just plain haven't thought of them yet....and if i haven't thought of them yet, they must not be very important ;)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

creative urges

i love to to create...i think i live for it

i think creating this wedding is temporarily starving my other creative outlets.

i mean, i've had more than plenty of opportunities for creativity within the wedding planning: choosing the dress and everything to go with it, reception and rehearsal planning, reception setup, SO much flower arranging, wedding cake planning, how i'll do my hair, making the jewelry, addressing envelopes, writing thank you notes, arranging the invitation and program texts, drawing maps for the invitations, keeping in touch with everyone involved, rearranging the house so that both michael and i will be able to have our things in it comfortably, and figuring out the most cost-effective and enjoyable favors for our goes on and on...and thats a lot of creativity being pulled from me out of only 7 months!

honestly, until now, i had not realized what a creativity machine i've made myself into these past months. i suppose i was wrong about being starved of creativity. i think its closer described as having the creativity switched on to overdrive...where i must create even when the urges aren't there...and everything i've created in 2007 is centered on the same end focus....its all about our "big day".

i feel as though i want to take just a few hours away from this..and make something else...write something else...draw something else...glue and assemble something else...paint something else...

yet, every time i find myself with a pencil and moment...i end up sketching out a wedding dress