Tuesday, August 31, 2004

coffee girl is actually at work today

i could write now about how horribly stressed out i am about the chaos which errupted at work on saturday..but that wouldnt be true.
i could scoff at how ironic the last peacefull entry was..but it WAS peacefull and i havent lost that.

you'd think i had.
you'd think this week would be crazy and that i'd be superhumanly busy with trying to cover everyone's duties...but im not.
i'm feeling fairly normal.

to explain..or at least sum up...
the other manager at work quit on saturday...just threw in the towell, so to speak...and informed me i needed to find someone to cover her saturday night shift. sure, it threw my afternoon for a little loop..and i did have to go to work on a night i hadn't planned on it..but it wasnt as horrible a circumstance as i could have imagined it to be.
yesterday at work i tweeked the schedule around to cover her absence for the next two weeks.
the owner came in and did inventroy and went to the store...i didnt realy have to do any more than i normally would, except that i worked a night instead of a morning.

on top of that, my sleep patterns have fallen into a very nice medium. i'm tired before midnight and wake up while its still morning, so im able to get things done before i head to work in the afternoon. this is a good thing.

and, just in case you were wondering...not all packages labeled "Denver, Colorado" come from colorado at all. some of them come from Caledonia, Mississippi.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

coffee girl is nice enough to get him coffee

i think i am completely at peace with my life as it is right now...why is that?

this evening i prepared myself a light meal of noodles with stirfried veggies and chicken and decided to sit on my living room floor to enjoy it. the room was dimly lit by one lamp and a couple of asian scented candles. jasmine insence burned on the desk and jessye norman sang beautiful music to me through the cd player. i followed the meal with a cup of green tea.

as i was sitting there in my created ambiance, i realised that absolutely nothing was hindering my state of calm. nothing was in the forefront of my mind. if i looked at the candle, i thought "candle." if i focused on the music, i interpreted the german words i understood. if i looked at my hands holding the teacup, i thought "mmm...tea." and i was completely relaxed and at ease with myself sitting on the floor.

i have no big descisions on the horizon. i have no worries within my relationships. work is going smoothly for the most part. i'll never reach perfection in my persuit of God...but i dont feel worthless in it at the moment. i realise that i dont have to be in augusta forever..and i also realise that for now i am in augusta..and i dont have any reason to try to escape it. i'm where i am...and i'm at peace.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

coffee girl is damn lucky to have captured your respect/attention

my highlights of my week in "quotes"

*my nail color is called "gun metal"
no idea why, but ive painted my nails something like 5 times in the last month. they are getting long again. its convenient for opening shrinkwrap.

*the vagrants are planning a "convention"
i was never into groups that have conventions before..now ive got coffee conventions and am hoping to help plan the vagrant convention. yup...im moving into full geekdom and am quite happy to do so.

*tomorrow is "casual friday"
which means i get to stretch my creativity at 5:15 in the morning while assembling an outfit that is not at all my work clothes. being that i can only do this once a week, its a very anticipated event.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

i gave my room a decent cleaning (unpacked finally, put away three loads of clean laundry, went through a few months worth of stacked up mail and papers...)

launch is now playing frank zappa-billy the mountain. its one of the longest things ive ever heard and freaking hillarious..but aweful at the same time. "billy was a mountain, ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder"

i'm enjoying a flavor sensation my tounge, teeth, lips, and throat havent experienced in quite a long time...crushed melon jones soda. my jones soda cap says "working life will become more varied. try some new ideas"

fer, i found the newspaper i meant to bring you...i'll mail it soon as i get a large envelope in my hands. "i gave him the money...he acted real funny..he hacked up a rock and he totaled my car..i dont wanna stand here all night in this bar"

do you kids realise i havent said a WORD about our vacation? "ethel, we're going on a vacation.." geeze..im such a loser.
nick posted a long entry about it though, so go read his journal..its linked to the left, there. he even made a map..so he deserves your attention. "im glad we could have a vacation this year"

im back now, though
work is going well.
im trying to collect my thoughts on everything there and get everything running as best as it can. we're focusing on training a lot and im gradually moving into the head manager position, phasing in all the ordering and shopping and stuff as the other manager is going to be quiting soon to have a baby and be a mom.
and im not afraid of it.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

my roommate decided today that its not worth it for her to pay internet anymore
i think i'll decide its not worth it for me to pay cable anymore

if we didnt have cable TV, i wouldnt miss it. i grew up without it. i dont realy "love" any of the 23 stations we get now, anyhow.

but...do i "love" cable internet?

if i suggest we drop cable totally..that would be cool...i think. i could get one of the $10 a month dialup plans and just use internet spuraticaly (do i even have a modem on this thing? no idea!)...or i could keep paying cable internet, jen and carrie could keep paying cable tv..and everyone could just split the bill oddly that way....

no idea how well that would fly

OR i could drop internet totally, get a better phone plan, and keep in touch with everyone through real voice!
too bad that doesnt work out so well,. with most everyone i keep up with also using cell phones and such....would cost them and me both...so whats the use?

Friday, August 06, 2004

in case anyone missed the memo...im out of bounds this week.
nick and myself left on monday for what i have dubbed "the greatest vagrantfilled roadtrip 2004"
we stopped in atlanta to visit the michael of rodericks...then after a lunch at the french cafe, we continued on to columbus, ms to stay with the family of springsteads. (many thanks for the use of the couches)
on tuesday we got a late morning start and headed for springdale, ar where we stayed with audra, girlfriend of billy. we also saw richard, husband of sarah while there. he's on a job with the new lowes, helping set it up. after a dinner of taco bell, billy had to go to work...audra and us hung out for a while, then we slept..audra went to work in the am on wednesday and billy returned home to spend time with us..but, sadly, wasnt feeling his best from lack of sleep. after some rest on his part, we were given a little sight-seeing drive and then went on our way to bolivar, mo. here we are in bolivar with fersis. yesterday we ventured out to springfield to the mudhouse coffee and tea co. nice place..ive made notes for myself about what i like there. after dallying around the city a little, we returned home to the barn in bolivar and this morning i went to the daily grind coffee shop while fer got her hair cut down the street from it. afterwhich, scrabble commenced. now we're in the barn again and im eating cantelope that is amazing.
ive spoken with darin and dharma of the 007 clan in tulsa, ok...and also have made plans with lemuel. well all meet there tomorrow and im excited. ive met neither the 007s, nor lem..and have wanted to for many moons.
we've got raes digits and hope to rendevous with his family on sunday evening before we return to georgia for life as usual and work as early as ever.

to everyone ive seen and will see this trip...much love and blessings...to everyone i love that im unable to visit on this trek, many appologies. come find me.