Monday, January 29, 2007

things on my mind

checklist upon checklist!

things to do..things to shop for..things to price..things to register for...things to remember to do later...lists lists lists...

thought: registering seems realy exciting before you start trying to imagine what you actually want people to buy for you and how your list reflects on yourself....and the places which you can get the best worth from the list...and are the most convenient for everyone.

thought: some things which i was sure we could save money on by doing ourselves are starting to look like the expense is worth not having to do them ourselves...and some things are actually ending up cheaper if we dont do them ourselves....crazy!

thought: when i wasn't actually planning a wedding, i thought i was going to have a very small very simple event.. i'd even picked out a nice little outdoor location which would seat about fifty. now that i'm in the midst of plans...its bigger than that...and this is without anyone else telling me how they want it yet!

thought: if it weren't for all of the helpful checklists i've found in books, the internet, and have made (every single day i make a new list!)...i'd forget to think about cake and flowers and doctors and social security cards. ...or else i'd think about them all of the time, instead of when they come up on the timeline. thank God for the timelines!

thought: its realy hard to sit back and let michael decide on the honeymoon destination. its realy easy to waste time searching for places on my own.

thought:God knows why the craft store stop putting 40% off coupons in the sunday paper every week. it is because God doesnt want me to shop for anything when it isnt in the timeline. God, please give me another coupon when i want to shop some more :)

thought: i hope that i dont get so wrapped up in planning that i dont let anyone help me besides my mom.

thought: in less than six months...a lot of these thoughts will be done with. then come all the new ones.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

i've run out of things to do

i'm at work.
i'm ready to be home.
i've just finished drinking a "leftover" latte'.
i'm dancing a little bit to sufjan's Illinois album.
i'm wishing that i hadn't waited for a good reason to get back in touch with my friends.
i'm enjoying those i've found again.
i'm still wishing they all could move to where i am...even just for a little while.
i'm going to invent something to eat tonight.
i'm glad the library has movies for free.
it's felt like friday all day.
it's not friday.

lets go play outside.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

coughy girl trains music man

since opening this new store, i've had the strangest difficulty in finding someone to work the hours which i cannot. we began by utilizing a couple of people from the first shop....but things kept comming up where that wasn't working well...schedule conflicts and undertraining and inconsistency from having too many people filling in... it was suggested that i hire someone new to work here with me and here only. what i hated about the idea was simply that first of all, trusting someone as a new hire to run the place when i'm not here is hard....and training them for this would be rather complicated considering the cramped spaces. i needed someone i knew, trusted, and wouldnt have to take long with training.
cue my brother...who has just started masters work and cannot work his full-time print job anymore...and was a great asset to the shop in his day!
the nick spent the last few hours of this morning "in training" here at my store. he'll be working in my place a couple of mornings a week, giving me two mornings to get other things done...and preventing me from working 55 hrs a week...letting nick have a flexiable work schedule during his music study. i think this is a perfect soloution!

another perfect soloution might be that nick knows the ins and outs of the print shop and suggested a great way to save money on wedding invites!

so..i worked in coffee for 3.5 years so that nick could work there so that nick could meet his boss at the print shop and work there so that he could then go on to finish his music study while having a nice part time job helping his sister at the job she was born he's able to save his sister and friend money on their wedding invites....because of the print shop job.

my God works in mysterious ways

Friday, January 12, 2007

infection control is after me

why is it that EVERY time i get a cold, i lose my voice?
it always made sense when i'd keep working when i felt bad...thus using my voice...but this time i made sure to keep pretty quiet and took a sick day and everything...and now my voice is almost inaudible.
its okay..though. i'm only working 4 hrs today...a stark contrast to my usual 10. when i get home, i wont have to talk anymore:)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

who is coffee girl?

i know i've done this before..but it always amuses me just a little bit....

Googlism for: coffee girl (with my comments)

coffee girl is still mumbling to herself (this is usually true)
coffee girl is actually at work today (mostly...i'm rather out of it)
coffee girl is not on my links
coffee girl is cute too and has a lip piercing (...used to think i wanted that...more leaned toward a nose piercing, though. never got myself either)
coffee girl is nice enough to get him coffee (always true!)
coffee girl is a mostly acoustic 10 song collection which displays her genre eclectic style (i am not a compilation disc)
coffee girl is damn lucky to have captured your respect/attention (yep.)
coffee girl is on board (if this means "knows what's going on"
coffee girl is pissing me off (i hope not)
coffee girl is pricelss (absolutely!)

Monday, January 08, 2007

i cant catch you

between attempting to organize my home...and beginning the wedding planning prcoess....i've come to realise that after a year and a half of internet-less-ness...and many moves and others moving...i have a grand total of THREE current addresses for people i love. Please bring me up to date with a quick email to rjgosey at hotmail dot com. (especially send such information if you would like to be included in the invite/announce list for the becca-michael wedding!)

Friday, January 05, 2007

hello world of interweb. it is nice to see you today.

this afternoon of coffee is rolling by dreadfull slowly....after a morning which i dont feel bad at all about posting an entry to this thing. (trust me...if i thought that i could make you more money by sitting on the ice box instead of standing here at the counter...smiling and speaking to everyone whom i i post this..i'd do it, boss...i would!)

i've found that the only journal i can acess from the only place i regularly find any internet(work) here is where i may be more frequent...should you care to/need to know.

also means i will be keeping up with very very few of you through blogger or typepad...and no one else.

also also means i check my email every day now, instead of only once or twice a month...this is big big news! i haven't been at a place where that was possible in well over a year.

so....any of you (you know..the two people* who view this EVAR) who know people who know me...should pass on that i'm back online a little...and may be reached and spoken to in ways other than my cell phone. comments and emails...being those ways.

*make that THREE people...because a mr. roderick just commented on my previous entry THIS morning! woo! i'm becoming increasingly popular with the people!