Thursday, September 23, 2004

ministry is unbalanced

a rare thing: witnessing rant from becca
this spurted off of a thread in the vagrant cafe..but i didnt realy think my thoughts fit the topic well here they are.

its not our *place* to change anybody.
maybe i'm crazy, but ive always felt a little odd about the whole street witnessing thing and all of that forced spiritual conversation beach-reach and all. ive been around parts of it my whole life, and i just dont see the real validity of these sorts of outreach.

ive seen a lot more change from being real with people where you are and where they are and helping them with what they obviously need help with or being their friend. if you havent got any interest in spending time with someone, why should you fake it? it doesnt go unnoticed when the relationship is dropped because a new prospect came into view.

ive seen a lot of christian friends make these "outreach" friendships where they choose someone to "minister to" and spend all sorts of energy inviting them to things and helping them get into the circle of christians and getting to know their problems and giving advice and then sort of dropping them after a little while or after the new friend doesnt become christianeese with everyone. (believe me..i've been the one to drop out before and i never want to be that again..i missed out on an amazing friendship that way) not to say that this sort of thing doesnt work ever..but most of the time intentional relationships of this sort skip the real friendship part, as i see it.

now, maybe im missing a good thing...i wont say its not a good idea to help people start thinking about spiritaul things when they least expect it by bringing it up on the street in a quick conversation or whatever...but please at least be REAL about it. maybe the word "real" is too vague? i dont know what word could work better...

i guess what its bugging me is the people who would rather "minister" on their own terms where its clean and happy and fits their mold...than to build relationships that are capable of getting dirty and hurting and being uncomfortable and unpredictable.

funny, sounds a lot like something everyone talks about but wishes they understood


Anonymous said...

go read my post on xanga, becca. thanks.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't have said it any better. it's like trying to get someone who hates rap to listen to rap by playing it as loudly as possible next-door all through the night. you'd probably have better luck trying to turn on your TV set with rocks than converting someone on the spot on the street with an impersonal rehearsed speech about how they should think about God, and how they'll spend eternity.

sometimes even being around someone for a long time won't sway a friend's opinions. i lived in the new orleans area for over 13 years. i still don't care for crawfish, shrimp, or crabs. i love mushrooms on my pizza, and after 2 years, becca, you still won't repent of the blaspheming the name of mushrooms. THEYRE NOT SLUGS! REALLY!