Thursday, December 24, 2009

(the bloggy version of our Christmas card)

…and they shall call his name “Immanuel" which means, God with us. (Matthew 1:23)

2009 brought with it many changes for our little family,
but throughout it all God has continued to remind us that He is with us in our daily lives.

He was with us through deciding to sell our home
in the midst of a failing housing market,
And provided a buyer quickly so we
would have money to move with.

He was with us as we said goodbye to friends and family
to move across 4 state lines to Fort Worth, Texas,
And has provided both our families
opportunities to visit.

He was with us as Mike began classes at Seminary
After 7 years out of the studying environment,
And brought him through his first term.

He was with us as we struggled to find jobs in our new
home town even when it felt like it wouldn’t happen,
And provided both of us with new
jobs which we enjoy.

He is with us as we wait on our daughter, Jennifer,
to become fully formed within Becca’s body ,
And He is providing health, energy, and
resources to fend off our worries.

He has been with His people throughout generations,
And provided His son, Jesus,
as the way of salvation
for those who will receive Him.

Merry Christmas!

Trusting Him to be with us through many more blessings!

Becca and Mike
(and little Jennifer)