Monday, February 28, 2005

i have new mirror this exact moment one of them is available on the front page of the mirror project...which is fun...but they all may be found here

Thursday, February 24, 2005

its the little things....

thank you, jesus, for tylenol pm...tonight...specifically

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

1. my car is back and feeling fine

2. my weekend plus yesterday was realy are a few shots from the events!
the captions tell the story in short. i wish there was a shot of how awesome my hair looked last night after carrie did it all up in pinned curls...but we were having too much at the valentines party to bother with taking good pictures :)

oh..and here's a link to a bunch of pictures from last night taken by one of the guys...there are hundreds here are some specific ones to see, if you'd rather not browse them all:
my roommates and their table attendants
jen's lovely curled locks
my table mates and myself
my entrance on dexter's arm
carrie (my roommate) with adam
carrie and mikefox dancing it up
adam and jen making some moves of their own
we were brought to the party by limos!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

my car isnt in my driveway aparently out one starter. that makes things dificult..ya know..when trying to start the car.

good thing is...i was in my church parking lot when i discovered this i wasnt alone...i had my friend luke to stand around with while i waited on my dad to come give me his verdict. luke figured out that he didnt know how to fix it because he's not familiar with hondas...more good news is that my parents live here now so that dad was ABLE to come give me the called my uncle who works in a garrage his dad started....where it will be towed tomorrow morning...and dad was able to drive me home...and my roommate has tomorrow off so i can use her car to get to at least i have lots of good things rolling for me in spite of it all...right?

im pretty sure i can swing the work schedule around to give myself tuesday off....should i not find a vehical to drive while mines out of comission. dad said my uncle might have a big gas-eating truck i can drive for a few days...i'd get a kick out of that :)

if i dont get a car to use, i can enjoy getting closer to my friends and neighbors while asking for rides places...i could use some bonding time with them, yes!

here's to hoping it doesnt cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed...or that if it does, maybe i could just....spend my money wiser and buy something else with some of my savings account.

i love my car..but dangit..he doesnt always love back...ya know?

(the optimisim displayed in this entry is kind of sickening, aint it? i realy AM smiling! oh, for the grace of God, i am smiling!)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

you non-dancers are REALY missing out....dont you know you dont have to be GOOD at it?

this is turning out to be a realy quite fabulous weekend!

last night,
in celebration of a friend of mine's brithday, a group of ten or so friends went to the lounge at the partridge inn for a little bit of jazz and dancing. its so very rare that we all get to sit around and talk to each other...share funny/amusing stories...act silly..and dance. the woman singing was a lot of fun, too...she had some strong lungs and a fabulous aditude.

is yet another birthday roommate's birthday is on valentines we're celebrating her tonight. first is italian food and then a group of us are going to the Augusta Ballroom Dance Center for their "second saturday dance"...a small group went last year for my birthdaya nd it was awesome...the instructors move around the room helping teach steps during the open dance session. i think we've actually got enough guys going to match with the girls...which is always a hard thing to come up with...thus the reason its been a year since i went.

and finally,
on monday night the guys of my church singles group are taking all of the girls from the group out on the town...they've kept the plans a secret..all i know is that its formal...there are no dates involved...and the girls are all getting ready at certain specified houses...and we'll be picked up by the go wherever it is we're going.

i'm loving how much fun it is to hang out with mixed groups of people without any specified couples...girls and guys enjoying each other with no preasure relationships and third wheel syndrome...and these guys actually treat the girls as the fabulous ladies that they have grown to be.

** and..finally **
** to a select few **
** cupid might pay you **
** a visit soon **
** keep an eye on your mailboxes **
** ;) **

Friday, February 11, 2005

the faithfulness of god

it almost seems redundant to think about god and then point out his faithfulness...but thats where my thoughts are at this moment.

God's faithfulness to me today became more aparent when i was going to pay my student loan payment for the month...and discovered that my previous payment never went i was to pay TWO payments plus a little late fee...i could have SWORN i'd set that payment up to automaticaly withdraw..but aparently a computer glich on my end made that never go through. however, God is faithful..the late fee was small..and i have now paid both months payments.

this prompted me to examine my checking account quite closely and thus, i discovered that i've been off in my calculations for the last TWO months by a fairly significant amount. (under, not OVER as one would think from THINKING i'd paid a bill) its not that i havent been writting things down..its that i miss-calculated one transaction two months ago and had myself thinking i had about two hundred more dollars in the bank than i do in reality have. i found my error...checked my figures with the online ones..and found that, contrary to what should normally happen...I haven't overdrafted at all during this whole mindless time. even with buying myself a new camera and making a nice music order last night before discovering my financial struggles...God is faithful.

so, now my bank account is significantly smaller than i would like it to be...but..again..god's power bill is due on wednesday and i get a paycheck TODAY!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

stars are violins....

its a good ways past midnight and i have to open the coffee shop in a few hours..but i tried to sleep and had no im awake at the moment..and have put together a nice little shared photo album to display some new pictures from my favorite new toy...

yes, its kind of vain...but isnt an online journal sort of vain to start with?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

dear you, please be my valentine.

i have a limitied number of valentine treats to share with a limited number of people...but you need not be excluded from that number simply by my not having your addresses and a request to be included!

some of my dear friends have moved recently...and have not given me their new address of residence..and perhaps there are others who frequent my writtings and conversings of whom i have never had an address from in the past.

if, perhaps, you fit either of these categories...all you need to do is send me an email including your address within, and i shall see what can be done about sending you a little packet of love all for yourself. also...if you strongly desire NOT to recieve any heart-addorned wishes from me this season, and fear you may...let me know.

the address is rjgosey at hotmail dot com.

love love love!