Saturday, September 25, 2004

might be is colossally admired

my day:

7:40am. awake...look at the clock. consider if i have overslept yet. stumble to the bathroom. see roommate during my dazed excusrion. back to bed
8:00am. alarm goes off. hit snooze.
8:10am. alarm again. reset for 8:45
8:43am. awake. look at clock. back to sleep
8:45am. awake. no snooze. no reset. lay in bed for a few more minutes considering my options. hear roommates leave the house.
8:55am. out of bed. strip sheets from bed and toss them in the wash.
9:00am. wait on myself to become coherant while looking at online journals.
9:15am. call my dad to talk to him about the house he found in the newspaper.
9:30am. call daly's house. no answer. hes sleeping still. i knew it.
9:35am. in the bathroom: washing face and brushing teeth while planning my minutes.
9:45am. getting dressed *while* walking around the house colecting things i need like my camera. call daly again. woke him up.
9:50am. out the door.
9:55am. step into R.Gabriels to grab two cups of coffee.
10:02am. pull into daly's driveway. Timber (the dog) runs out the front door to mark all the plants. daly calls timber back inside.
10:05am. in daly's house. he (slowly) gets timber's food and water refilled and edits his coffee with more sugar.
10:07am. we head for the door. daly realises hes not wearing shoes.
10:08am. in my car i discover my gas light is on. i debate when i should get gas.
10:11am. pull into the filling station. daly pumps gas for me.
10:15am. on our way to the house on Mary ave.
10:27am. greeted in whispers by the owner of said house. tour commences. photos are taken. yard is explored. man talks about the savanah river a lot.
10:55am. looks at clock. tries to herd the conversation to a close.
11:00am. still trying to end it.
11:05am. heading back to the car.
11:15am. on the road to daly's house again while discussing the house.
11:20am. drop daly off, call mom and tell her how good it would be for them.
11:26am. realise i meant to go to the grocery store but drove to myse house because i was on the phone. leave driveway again to go to publix.
11:27 habitually turned right when i should have gone left. two blocks later realise that publix is the other way.
11:35am. pull into publix parking lot. stil on the phone with mom.
12:00pm. wandering around the store looking for items that are obscurely found (why arent razors and shave cream on the same shelf???)
12:15pm. check out at publix. end mom conversation.
12:20pm. call jonathan and tell him he neednt come with me to look at any houses. get myself invited to lunch with the guys.
12:40pm. lunch with the guys consits of them picking on jonathan for his girlfriend :\ poor guy.
1:30 back home. time to shower and start my day!

now im clean, ive done a beautiful thing with black and grey eyeliner, and im about to get directions to the They Might Be Giants concert nick and i are attending in ATL tonight.

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