Tuesday, June 26, 2007

excited doesn't really describe it

its the kind of excitement that sends a rush of chills all over my body

in just four weeks, we'll be decorating the sanctuary..

in four weeks and one day, out of town friends and family will begin to arrive..

in only four weeks and two days, we'll be decorating the fellowship hall for the reception, and i'll probably be packing my bags and cleaning the house a bit...

in four weeks and three days, we'll be getting ready for the rehearsal and then relaxing a little..

and in four weeks and four days, dressed in the most beautiful dress i've ever worn, in the shoes i looked for longer than any shoes, with the veil i stayed up far too late decorating, carrying the flowers i saw in every magazine and then was able put together...i will walk (dance) down that aisle without a thought of any of the garments....focused on the man i've fallen crazy for, has taught me much about myself and about relating to others, has loved me tremendously already, who has honored me and upheld me through these few beginning years, has pushed me just enough to use my gifts...but not so much that i ever resented him for the pushes, has brought me over and over again to the truth and to remember the grace we've been given, has waited patiently (mostly) and encouraged me toward patience for the timing for this moment...

and we will be joined together...to one life.
a new ministry.
and then we will praise our Father...our Lord, who gave us the pure gift of Us.
and many will rejoice with us.

My Love, we're so near that day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

waves of change

i just finished sending a rather heart-wrenching and difficult note to friends and leaders in my church family...explaining how much they've meant to me but having to tell them why july 1st will be my last sunday in their membership.

nobody ever said that following the Lord's leading would be an easy thing
but rarely does anyone tell you that even when you're in a congregation of God-honoring fellowship and discipleship, that leaving that can also be the Lord's will.

the responses are trickling in with sweet encouragement...i just may break into tears in front of a customer today for this.

Monday, June 11, 2007

blogger is so fickle......it makes me like it less and less