Friday, November 14, 2003

some nice things....

two girls and a guy plus a rushed two day road trip
singing with caedmon's call cds..alone or with friends
getting unlost
sleeping in
wandering through part of a downtown area
following good smells
feeling perfectly comfortable
alathea, bebo norman, and gabe scott
pretending to sleep on the way home while listening to conversation
talks in the driveway
knowing what im here for and knowning that God is able to make it fruitful

Sunday, November 09, 2003

its funny that i did all of these revisions and template updates just before falling off the face of the internet.
ive gotten to that point again where 45 minutes of online time feels like far too much..and im very excited to be there again. it means ive let it be less a part of me and have learned to live outside the litteral box.
life has been great, has been interesting. i've been placed in charge of lining up the weekend entertainment for the shop and i love having that responsibility. people have been good for me.
bubye! i love you kids.