Saturday, January 29, 2005

greetings from your friendly neighborhood ice queen

last night two young ladies and myself ventured off to the Pedro show in Atlanta. its about a 2 and a half hour drive and the show kicked off and 9...before leaving, i checked out the opening band online (earlimart....i strongly suggest that you go there and click on "e-card" to hear their new album...many of you will love it) and they seemed like something to look forward to from their online samples..and photos..and the drawings on their website remind me of stuff that one of the girls from work draws...very cool, i tell you.

there was projected light sleet begining in atlanta at 9pm, also..progressing to more sleet throughout the night..and sleet starting in augusta around 3am....which is when i projected we'd get home in NORMAL we assumed we may be a bit slowed down on the return...if worse came to worse, mary and amy know some people in atlanta we could possibly stay with for the night if we couldnt make it back..and neither of us have work on saturday morning...i did have need to be back by 3pm, for work, of course.

i enjoyed the show very much
we arrived just as little bits of ice were starting to fall from the sky...parked at 9pm about three blocks away...walked to the venue..then mary couldnt find her money, so we walked back to her car...three blocks..all the while amy is not wearing a proper coat for the chilly evening and left her gloves and scarf in the shes freezing and stuff..we get to the car...and mary finds that her money was in her inside jacket pocket the whole time..we get a scarf for amy and walk back the 3 blocks..get into the venue and find some people amy and mary know.

the music began just about ten minutes or so after we arrived..which is fabulous...i love not having to wait for the delays

this show was slightly different than any expected..even anyone familiar with Earlimart...because most of Earlimart wasnt actually there.
turns out they had van trouble back in orlando and the lead guy hopped on a plane to make it to this show. so the opening act consisted of three members of pedro the aaron espinoza, of earlimart..playing earlimart songs...and they proceeded to name themselves "EarliLion"

i think my favorite part was frank lenz playing the tambourine with all he had while taking drags from his cigarette during off times..there was even one number with claps, which lenz performed with great skill.....bazen was on drums during lenz's stints as the tambourine man...then bazen and lenz traded and bazen was playing his shaker with utmost concentration. it was the coolest..i would love to have had a camera with me to capture that reminded to me will farell in the SNL cowbell sketch.

after a brief intermission, ptl took on full stage with everyone where they belong and all much enjoyed it. this was the largest venue and crowd i've ever seen for a pedro the lion is a good thing, indeed. the whole lineup of songs was perfect..but i dont have a list of it or anything...just..yeah..all good things came to an end

this was mary's first pedro show and shes been a fan of theirs for years so she was sad to have it end

driving home wasn't too bad, was slightly icey..and the interstate in atlanta was really creepy looking with so few cars traveling it...we were able to driving between 30 and 40 mph through the iciest parts..and then about 100 miles from home we were up to 50-70mph...we got back just an hour later than projected..all unscathed.

it was a lovely trip and i had a lot of fun sharing musical interests with some girls i dont know very well. mary and i share a lot of similar likes...and i havent found very many people whom i share those with since coming to augusta.


Anonymous said...

this is chris; i'm ashamed of myself for not commenting on your blog more often. please forgive me. thanks.

Peter said...

I thought Lenz was touring with Starflyer?

coffee girl said...

well, he's playing with pedro for a little bit, i suppose..because theres no doubt it was him...ya know..with him being introduced by name, and all.

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Eye Ms. Ewe Becca!