Sunday, January 02, 2005

dirty pinko hippie update

my letter was well-recieved by all inhabitants!

today began day one of our house being a home that recycles.
we have a three-tiered metal storage cart in our kitchen that wasnt being used for ANYthing ..had just been put there to be out of any of our smaller i designated it the "recycling center" where all CLEAN recycleables will be placed 'till they take up too much which point they will be delivered to one of the drop-off sites.

(tom, you'll be happy to know that the sign i hung over the cart is on the back of a previously used scrap of paper)

on a tangent...
it has just occured to me that i use this journal very visually...attempting to let each reader actually see what it is like to live around me...perhaps more than the people i know in person. its probably because you are my captive audience..and you may as well know all i can shove into your heads about me if you're to be reading anything at all of the subject.
while i'm less "this is only what im thinking" and more "this is what i think about what im doing."
mayhaps i'm attempting to be interesting. (yes...i use words as "mayhaps"..i havent figured out if rebekah and i made it up at work one day, or if it was already a word before we began accidently using it...)


The Fly said...

You're swell, Becca.

coffee girl said...

yeah...i do what i can

yourbrokenoven said...

my family used to be all into recycling. we had almost a dozen large metal drums (old trash cans from the naval air station my dad works at. he brings home all sorts of crap they throw out, and had accumulated a number of these huge metal drums that had been converted into trash cans). i remember being the one responsible for sorting, crushing, and bagging just about everything. we found out later that the little program the town had for recycling where you put it in a blue bag and they pick it out of the garbage truck at the site of collection ended a year after it had started and no one told anyone, so we'd been wasting money on blue bags and not really recycling at all. i was mad. anyway, i guess we forgot. we still recycle motor oil... or, that is, i've saved it all and totally intend to bring it to a recycling place when i find one.