Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"...and now you're even older...and now you're even older..."

ah...what a marvelously enjoyable extended weekend i've just spent!

i wish i could fold the boring empty parts of the south out of the way and make travel distance much shortened between the people i love, adore, and miss so very much. ya know...make new orleans border hattieburg, and laurel border atlanta..and take out an hour and a half or so from atlanta to augusta...right? who needs those long stretches of interstate and dirty gas stations?

mad props..or credits..or whatever...
-jason and jennifer brunet....marvelous hosts with much sweetness to enjoy. i felt so at home with you guys...i miss my place on your couch very very much now. come to augusta anytime you want.
- was good seeing you. you're always you...and thats good to know.'re MARRIED and i'm very happy for you...and now youre in IRELAND and i'm very jealous of you! i hope to see a bit more of you in the enarer than distant future. mayhaps i should venture to boston, taking you up on that offer i heard you extend. yes..we NEEd to spend some time..after you resettle a little bit.
-fishies that i ate...yummm
-julie...i squeezed you once..and it was much needed....your dog is still insane..and i miss you so very much. are such a true friend..i dont deserve you! thank you for spending the whole entire day with me...and for playing with me..and being so you and so sweet. bug GOSH youre so DANG intimidating! ;) hee heee heeee! augusta is calling you.
-christopher lovely....thank you for being one of my best friends...and for opening your floor and couch and whatever else is needed for us. be careful as you cross the room...there are dangerous obstacles. always beyond your vision ;) i'm glad you are enjoying your new job..and are being able to play with WCC peoples, too. i miss that a lot
-drew..david..steph..Dr. Roberts...and everyone else who i saw and who is likely not to read was great crossing your paths again...i do miss the musical surroundings i wrapped myself in during my time in the 'burg years ago. i wih it weren't so far away from where im now calling "home" didnt answer your phone! i'm sad now. :( set up your voicemail please.
-michael glad we were able to see you on our way back in..and eric DOES! who knew? i'm happy for the way things are going for you..i am ecstatic, even! (who didnt know he's getting MARRIED in may? yeah..he is!) realy though..let me know if there's some way that i/we/anyone can help with plans or whatever else. prayers are offered without the asking.


Anonymous said...

I'm insanely jealous of all of you for getting to see each other.
Also: happy belated birthday. Sorry I haven't called, this has been an insane week -- which isn't meant to be an excuse. . . I have been thinking about you. We need to talk soon. I'll try to call in the next few days. - Fer

yourbrokenoven said...

so, fer, when is YR wedding?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Good one. - Fer

Jean-Francois said...

Missiles flying 111 miles...? and carrying what?

Stranger in Strange Land

Jean-Francois said...

sorry... wrong blog! uuuups!

Anonymous said... DID read this and i DIDNT know roderick was betrothed (Sp?). anyway...i would know something if he ever would update his blog thing. but he's too busy...and he never writes me mail either. but I was very supprised to see my name in a blog-post thing. wow - Andrew

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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