Monday, January 24, 2005

does A plus B plus C equal D?

A. becca works in a coffee shop
B. becca has a strange attraction to the german language and has thought from time to time of going there for some length of time to submerse herself in it
C. becca doesnt want to do worthless things with her life.

so...what is D...and how do these combine to get to that?
my roommate, jen, has for the last year and a half frequently mentioned a friend of hers whom i remind her of...we seem to have many common interests..from musical tastes to our occupations and dreams. i've always thought it would be neat to meet this girl...but jen hasn't even spoken to her in about a year because of various issues with people not knowing other peoples numbers and one of those people living in germany at the moment. so, recently jens friend has been trying to get in touch with jen but keeps leaving voice messages without a phone number...much to the frustration of jen. (this part of the story is rather irrelevant to you folk...but listen attentively)
anyhow...jen did speak with the parental units of this friend on the phone (who gave too many digits in the phone number they had...crazy) and found that her friend is soon comming home from her mission position in germany where what she does is work in a coffee shop (please tell me HOW can one find that sort of opportunity!?) and returning to spain, where jen met her in the first place. jen has mentioned to me this coffee shop ministry in germany thing before but since she hasnt spoken to ehr friend, she doesnt realy know the details or what organization its with or anything...but now she knows that it might soon have an opening..and wouldnt that be something?

yeah..anyhow...this is where i sit here with all of these puzzle pieces and try to shove a few of them together in what looks like the correct way...and then i wait to see if they realy fit or not. here's to hoping jen gets to talk to her friend soon..mainly because its driving jen crazy not to track her down..but also because wouldnt it be cool if i could go there? yes...i'd do it without hessitation.


Anonymous said...

ok....i think i have it. you should be the CEO of a german coffee company, that way you'll make lots of important decisions for the company its consumers and employees. although, you'd probably have to do a whole lot of worthless things to get there.

yourbrokenoven said...

if you go... make sure your coffee place has internet access so you can use babelfish to translate for all those people that don't know german. i'm sure you could think of SOMEONE.

Anonymous said...

wow. just, yeah, wow.
I did watch a German film yesterday. You were one of the two people that came to my mind (Jessimo was the other -- she has taken several German classes) - Fer

coffee girl said...

who is annonymous no.1?

Anonymous said...

that's cool. ill only tell you my name if you continue to call me "anonymous number one." cause it sounds really cool. Promise? promise? ok whatever i dont care.