Wednesday, January 26, 2005

i have a crush on someone for his speaking voice

i am an NPR listener. not the type of person who just listens from time to time to feel more one of those who knows the shows names and the names of the hosts and is absolutely THRILLED that she can pick up not just one but TWO national public radio stations from anywhere in town due to being so near the georgia/carolina state line. i'm a fan. i'm not as avid in the know of things as some people, i'm sure...(like carole, for example..i am certain she ahs more NPR prowes than i...but she has her goals, you know)

this entry...however..will not be about all of my NPR will only be about one person..even. its not even a program i would normally be drawn to listen to...but because of its host...i am filled with delight when i am in the car while he is speaking...therefore it becomes my favorite subject..whatever it is that he's talking about (and honestly...i usually am not even paying attention to what that topic IS because i get so lost in the inflections of his voice and the tone of it and the warmth...etc)
i'm talking about David of Marketplace. (and now that i've said that, someone searching for information about the show will stumble upon my blog and i might be found out...oh dear!)

It started out just as a "he has a nice voice" sort of thing...and since my car is always tuned to one of the NPR stations, i hear a lot of it...and unlike when you watch the same TV show a while and feel as though you know how a character will react to various things...this is different..because he's not realy working from a script...he's playing himself..mostly.

one afternoon i chanced upon an segment he was doing with someone else else from marketplace..i forget what they were talking about..but it was something that the other guy was more the expert in...and the other guy was also named David, oddly this segment you could tell these guys knew each other...hung out from time to time...laughed together at things in the office..etc. david brown sounded a little different than his familiar everyday sound..and maybe i didnt even enjoy him as much for his voice at that moment..because he was less the cold marketplace NPR host and more a talk show host who makes jokes when its alright and that such thing.

i guess this could sound sort of creepy....but i dont mean it to be...i just like the way he sounds....and it helps me smile and laugh at myself as i'm driving to choir rehearsals in the evenings.

and just to prove i have no stalking intentions...the reason i have not posted even a link to his bio photo as a reference in this entry is that i an not at all attracted to his looks. (no offense please, david....your hair is pretty!)

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