Thursday, December 30, 2004

the following is part of a letter i printed out for each of my house mates...

"Dear fellow residents of our skinner mill household, December 30, 2004
(a.k.a.-- roomies)

You’re going to think I’m *crazy*.....but I propose that we, as a “family,” make a truly unified effort this year toward conservation, reuse, and recycling. I cannot sit idly any longer..throwing away useful things..buying things I do not need...and filling landfills with what could be recycled. I believe it is our duty to be good stewards of all that we have..and part of that includes the space we have on this planet. I've been considering it for a number of months now, and see no reason not to begin our new year with this.

I know that there are about a million things we could be doing and aren’t..and thinking about all of that can seem very overwhelming...but I am willing to help us begin making the needed changes and head this effort if you, as my skinner mill family, will participate with a few guidelines and rules. I do not expect us to suddenly become completely "earth-friendly" but I do know that there are a few simple things we could start with in order to make us more environmentally conscious.

My suggestions:
1. The Compost Pile
2. Recycling
3. Use wisely/Reuse"

i followed this with a breakdown of those three points and how i expect we can easily begin to adhear to them. this is just me realising that i cant complain about the state of mind americans are in if i dont start doing something to help change my own state and the state of mind of those directly around me.

i guess i'll post updates if any good response comes of this..and i guess i should go buy a second trash can soon....i just havent decided yet if a large outdoor trashcan is what we need, or if we just need a second kitchen trash can....hrm....again..i should wait for roomie responses before this thinks


Peter said...

Dirty pinko hippie girl.

coffee girl said...

i come by it completely honestly, peter

gee...maybe i should take a shower today, though...if you can tell im dirty all the way over there. i was certain i didnt have any b.o. i'm starting to wonder.

The Fly said...

You started on a conservation kick by printing individual letters for your roommates?

I'm delighted by your sweet, delicious, almost pornographic sense of irony.

(It's times like this that I almost wonder why I'm not a drunk.)

yourbrokenoven said...

recycling is hott

brock76 said...

Recycling, reuse, and wise acquisition are things that I would love to be able to implement in my own life, but nonetheless have not. The culture of waste that we live in almost preempts any disposition towards a wise stewardship of our resources. But perhaps someday I'll figure it out...

peace, brock76