Sunday, October 03, 2004

life is a drama

on being mentioned:
i caught a climpse of my name in someone's journal entry this morning during church as she was making notes during the sermon. i wasnt being nosey, it was just in my view and i saw the words "becca" and "coffee" on the same line. it was a girl i served coffee to last night when she and some of her family friends came in the shop. she was apparently writting in her journal last night after leaving the shop and saw fit to mention my serving them coffee in her final evening thoughts. seeing that little glimpse made me wonder how many times i get mentioned/thought of in someone's final thoughts for the day...or afternoon venting..or whathaveyou...just for serving a cup of coffee. what might you be mentioned for?

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Anonymous said...

i mentioned you today in a journal, though not my livejournal yet, because you appeared in my dream last night. i may post the dream to my livejournal later.

i've been trying to keep all my dreams in one journal, but i sometimes just write whatever... and sometimes whatever makes no sense whatsoever.

ya dig?