Monday, October 25, 2004

im at grandmas now and its a funny story as to why im here
well...doing laundry, essentially

heres some background to the story
when we moved into the house my roommates and i currently occupy, there was a washer and dryer there..from previous occupants. the dryer works great but the washer is kinda goofy in that the dial is completely never know where its set so you just guess and start...and as soon as you think you understand it, the wheel turns and you dont know anymore. so we were on the lookout for something more dependable when our friend Daly remembered that he had a washer stored at someones house not being daly lets us use his washer till we can get another one or till he needs his back or whatever...(the house where it was is a house that many guys move in and out of frequently...its a college ministry house sort of daly had lived there and moved out but didnt take everything with him yet)
so now for 6 months or so weve happily been using dalys washer...but on saturday night i get a call at work from daly. he says
"i have a involves you..and you arent going to like it."
"uh oh"
i say. turns out dalys washer hed lent us WASNT his washer at all and the guy who realy owns it needed it back on saturday night so he could move...someone else had given DALYs washer away previously! i tried saying "well, you gave HIS away, too!" but daly's too honest and had already explained to the guy wha thte situation was.
so as of two days ago we're out of a washer...though we do still have the other one in the basement if we get desperate..and find people to help us move it upstairs (ahem...daly) good news is, a guy who helped daly move "his" out of our house says HE has one we can use till august. we'll hopfully get that before next week
we have a GREAT dryer, though!

as tom described it "This is further proof that fact is stranger than fiction."

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