Friday, October 29, 2004

aol is relearning its abcs

this evening after work i made a stop by the grocery store rather than heading home directly, because we were out of some important items in our little house (ie: toilet paper)
as i was making my way through the store, an asian-american young woman approached me from behind and said very politely "excuse me...i was just wondering...are you a member of AOL?" i was confused. i answered "" and then she went on in her own direction. that was the end of it. she didnt have any sort of survey clipboard with her...she didnt seem to be trying to sell me anything..i have NO idea what that was. i didnt see her in the store any more afterward, either. *shrugs*

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Anonymous said...


what you didn't know is: I have been lurking around your blog from time to time, having found it through other's as well!! I just didn't sign up and felt weird about posting "anonymously" so.... you know.

Anyway, your blog is absolutely wonderful.