Wednesday, October 27, 2004

hidden is unusual not only because it is rare

thoughts on things around me i couldnt see....

my room is messy.
its been pretty bad ever since i started trying to "clean" it of extra junk. i bagged up a bunch of stuff to get rid of and never got it out to my car to take to a thrit store or dump.
a week after that, i got stuff from my parents' house...which i plan to put in the boxes it is already in..under my bed.
but i thought my parents were to be taking my trumdle out from under my bad last week...and they arent
so now i need to get the trundle out..and put the stuff under.

i didnt see that there were clothes all over my room ....over the bedframe, hanging on the chair, in three baskets, and on the foot of my bed...which needed to be put in the closet.

i didnt see that id completely stopped keeping my closet in its usual order.....things were disjuncted...sleeved shirts were next to pants were next to tank tops were next to shirts and various other misconstrusions (i should have put that word it a word at all?) and thats not normal for me.

i didnt see that my dresser was covered in makeup products that i dont even use on a daily basis....just pulled out from a rush to get ready one morning or afternoon or something

i didnt notice that i hadnt listened to any variety of music in my house in a long time. all music has been car music..and the cd player started acting funny last road trip, so car music ahs been tapes and radio. i think i try to be too polite at home and just dont listen to anything so it wont bother any of the house mates...though theyve never complained.

i didnt see that it is so amazing when the ashes from a stick of insence all fall on the tray made to catch them...and oh the lovely aroma of it, too.

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