Sunday, October 03, 2004

childhood is a sacred time

im not going to waste my time using this entry to complain about how much the internet seems to despise me right now....because it takes so long to get any forms to upload that ive not got the time to waste. i dont know if its comcast, my computer, or just some internet problem.

i was trying to post a comment on cammile's blog about moving away from childnood..but my connection kept stalling and not responding and crap like that..i was also trying to give sweet little vagrant's user notes so they could know they are appreciated..but it wouldnt submit those either. i could as easily be on dialup...ya know?

on growing up and moving past childhood things:
next weekend ill be at my parents current place of residence where i will try to sort out everything i own there into 1.what can be gotten rid of 2. what can come to my house to stay and 3. what needs to be stored till i have a house thats mine. its not going to be an easy weekend because i have a whole room full of stuff some...and i dont want them to have to move things i realy dont need.
ive been here a year and some months already without need of what is at their house..realy...but i know i have a lot there that i dont want to part with.
also there are things there that i could just toss...or i could take the time to put them up on ebay and make something from them. thing is..i need to store that kind of stuff wisely and move it out in a timely fashion even so..or it will just end up piled up with the other things i wont part i may just trash it or thrift store it anyhow.

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