Thursday, October 21, 2004

becca is a choir snob..look out!

i love rehearsing more than one night a week
i love singing for two hours after a long day of not being musical
i love being SILENT after the piece ends (ahem...everyone, please?)
i love when i can see the director
i love when, once ive been placed where i can see, i watch him (ahem...everyone?)
i love when i dont guess the pitches
id love it if you stopped leaning toward me in attempt to glean my musician ship as your own while you sing a tiny bit behind me and find the pitch a fraction of a second after i sing it...that is not realy how this thing works. but otherwise, i love it all already!


Nick said...

Oh, you changed your comments.

Yes, I am a choir snob as well...

I was much impressed at the end of the Vivaldi when there was utter silence for a moment after the last chord faded into nonexistance, though.

I was much pissed at the fact that a director can harp on how we need to have extreamly, over-harsh sounding consonants in order for them to carry through the sound in the large room we are singing in and yet no one does it on the night of the actual performance. (Had it GREAT thursday night, but last night? Not so much...)

Other than that, I was happy. Well, except for being a short bass in front of tall tenors... Missed an entrance and came in half a beat early on the Lotti because of Chip moving his stupid tall person head in my way.

coffee girl said...

nick means "short bass behind tall tenors"