Wednesday, October 27, 2004

dreaded is one that is spoken only in whispers

ive been reading on the internet about dreadlocks for the last hour or so...i think id love them..but i also like the variety of fun i can have with my hair in its free state.
so, im reading and realising/discovering that it is a LOT of trouble to get them started and wait for them to get realy set....which is good...keeps me from jumping into it spuradicly like i do so many other things (have i mentioned that my hair is jet-black now and i randomly gagued my ears last year when i was supposed to be packing to move?) dreads for me at this time....but it has been a REALY long time since i braided my locks....hrm....

no. for now im just going to sit here and drink my warm mug of green jasmine tea.

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