Monday, November 01, 2004

why is origami so good for you?

why do i do it? (not origami...tahts just my googlism-created title)
why do i get sooo deeply interested in things
and then completely forget about them?
ive done it with so many things....
i wont even start yet on all of the music stuff...guh!
and then there's drawing and painting. i got this specific size desk and put my monitor NOT on it so i could leave it clean of things and sit at my bedroom window to draw and paint..and ive done that MAYBE two days in the last 9 months.
i have a section in my browser bookmarks labled "german resources" where i was attempting to REALY sit down and expose myself to germany and its language and culture and i was even looking into doing an abroad sort of program if i found one that fit my budget and needs... then i just kind of...left the links alone.
i acquired a cello nearly two years ago...took a strings class...aspired to pay for cello lessons after moving to augusta...and now it sits in my closet behind scarves and belts...never touched.
i have piano lessons, flute lessons, and guitar lessons all in my past.
i have books ive begun and never finished.
i have books lined up behind those...waiting to be read.
i have mix album playlists being planned.
i have boxes of things to be sold.
i have stories i started writing.
i have relationships i let grow cold...

why? i'd call myself "well-rounded"...but maybe "incompleted" fits me better?


Anonymous said...

Most would call that symtematic attention deficiate dissorder. Dad

coffee girl said...

must be kind of hard having a daughter with such large-scaled bouts of short-term attention, eh?

Anonymous said...

chip off the old block.