Sunday, November 07, 2004

Application to Date and/or Marry Miss. Rebecca "bweka" J. Gosey

Please copy and fill out completely, specify which position you intend to apply and return completed form along with a .jpg image of your eyes and a .jpg image of you looking fabulous (by definition of Becca) to: coffeegirl @ platypi007 . net and jennylynne @ silver-lined . com . your submissions will be fully reviewed and promising candidates will be notified for interview. (If digital photo forms are not available, contact Becca or Jennifer via email for mailing address. Mix albums may also be sent via postal service for extra points.)

1. What is your name?


3. What is your quest?

4. What is your favorite colour?

5. Birthplace:

6. Current residence:

7. Occupation:

8. Desired Occupation:

9. Biggest Dream:

10. Father's full name:

11. Mother's full name:

12. Have you ever plead guilty of a crime? If yes, please describe:

13. Do you presently partake in any illegal drug usage?

14. What are your views on alcohol consumption?

15. Arrange in order preferred: (a)pets, (b)plants, (c)books, (d)movies, (e)recorded sound,
(f)instruments to make sound, (g)visual arts

16. What does the “J.” stand for? Are you sure of that?

17. Describe your last meaningful encounter with a child:

18. If you were given a choice between:
(a)playing scrabble (b)playing solitaire (c)playing super mario brothers for Gameboy
...which would you choose?___

19. Have you ever or do you ever plan on going to Germany? | yes | no |

20. Please place the following in the order you would most prefer (last being the least preferred
(a) a week in any large city of your choice in which you take in all the sights, a few shows, some
shopping and really great food..
(b) a carefully mapped road trip coordinating stops with friends on the way and avoiding hotels
and motels as often as possible.
(c) a tropical cruise vacation getaway
(d) an extended tour of Europe...long enough to see everything and fall in love with it.
(e) holidays spent with family/friends whom you do not often see

21. Of the following choices, what is the proper spelling:___
(a) colour (b) color (c) coler (d) colur
(e) kolour (f) kolor (g) kohler (h) kohlour

22. Suppose that you are passing a coffee shop. The air is filled with the scents of coffee as it
roasts. You _______
(a) stop and breathe deeply, savoring the aroma..step inside and purchase yourself a beverage
(b) complain about the price of coffee today and continue on your way
(c) exclaim that coffee is the devil
(d) think about Becca and wonder what she’s doing right now...then give her a call.
(e) you have no opinion of coffee

23. Recall any conversation you have had with Becca and discuss it here in a way that will prove
to her that you aren’t making it up:

24. Becca has always wanted to sing in a band...could you help her get a hook-up with something
like that?

25. If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares why does he keep doing it?

26. Do you own a suit?___. If yes, what colour(s) is it?____________When was the last time
you wore it and what was the occasion?

27. What are, in your opinion, the top five favorite written works? why? How have they
influenced you?

28. List 15 movies and why you have included them in the list.

29. List 12 albums within your collection which most accurately represent the spread of genres
and styles in your taste.

30. In an essay of at least 200 words answer this question: “What are the most delightful
qualities about Becca, and how did you discover them?” (Please attach at the end of this form)

31. Please give 7 references not related directly to you (also at the end of the form)
(DON'T put parents, brothers, aunts, grandparents, etc)
Must include: names, addresses, email addresses (if available), years known, and
relationship to applicant.

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