Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Fast change is arriving and slow change is moving out

im sitting here now in a super soft old green pull-over hoody because my house is kind of chilly and i, for some reason, opted for the hoody instead of pulling my heater over here and plugging it in. its kind of a nice "remember the college days" kind of chill....heh. WCC dorms...you kids remember those?

*strange little girl*

so...last night i revised my resume'. yup. i've been kind of keeping it secret that i'm looking to change my line of work...but here it is in my blog for all the world to read.

today i stopped by a smallish church which i've heard is looking for a new secretary (30 hrs a week) and filed an application. i met the pastor and his wife (she is currently filling the spot till someone is hired) and the pastor and i had one of those "i've seen you somewhere before" moments and figured out i've given him coffee a number of times. (its unescapable!)
i had a little bit of conversation with them and hope that it made a lasting mark on my name with them so i can be called back. the deadline to apply is tomrrow..so ii feel that being close to the end of the line makes me be the most easily remembered while they are reading over the forms next week....right?

tomorrow i'm going to apply for an administrative assitant position with the youth ministry at my current church. it actaully sounds like it is MORE work than the little church secretary job, but i realy dont know enough about either position to make a good call on that.

why church work?
well...i've always tended to enjoy office sort of work...helping dad at his office some when i was in middleschool....library work...music office stuff...i cant realy get my words around what it is..but i like it. i think i could enjoy it 30 hrs a week..honest.

"seven things that make a fulltime job in coffee abnormal from a full time job in a church office" or "what ive started to miss while working full time at the coffee shop" (in no particular order):
1. being able to finish one project before going on to another (darn customers getting in my way while im trying to finish inventory and brewing and calling people for interviews and ordering and keeping the schedule up to date....and...and...and)
2. having a normal schedule with days where you work and nights where you do non-work things and except for special things that come up...a repeating schedule every week.
3. not having to worry about whos on shift when youre not
4. sundays to focus on worship instead of on the currently set to "silent" cell phone beside me which will probably have 2 or 3 missed calls from work and if i look at it i'll not be able to think about anything else and if i dont look ill just not be able to think about anything else either. (thats the kicker...leave me ALONE on sundays...GEEZE (the store was closed every sunday for a year and every sunday for a year i didnt mind it one bit))
5. no more 16 and 17 and 18 and 19 year olds swapping shifts all the time and calling in "sick" on sundays and mondays after their fun weekends
6. its pretty likely that in a church, your boss isnt going to fly off with a horrid temper at any given moment at you for something that doesnt even involve you. pretty good chance that isnt as common.
7. can i remention the "normal schedule" bit? i liked it a lot. normal schedule...and weekends off!


my housemates dont know i'm loooking to change
my boss doesnt know i'm looking to change
no one at work knows i'm looking to change (except rebekah knew i was thinking of moving before)
my family knows....a couple of people at my church know...and the pastor at the church i applied at today knows.


Sara said...

And now WE knows.
Good luck. And if you do get it, send the "better job" vibes and prayers this way cuz R needs em.

Peter said...

I find your mild disdain toward elder teenagers faintly amusing.

Nick said...

I'M at work and I've known. And you also know that I'm starting to desire another job, for all the same reasons (Heh, Sunday even I just turned my phone off all day) as you. We're going to leave that poor shop in a lurch soon methinks.

Anonymous said...
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