Saturday, November 20, 2004

derek webb is currently a roaring bull on the markets and the economy

option 2 of my googlism title search: "derek webb is also planning on breaking into major motion pictures next year"

after a very long but good day of back and feet are tired.

BUT i am now wearing comfy fuzzy blue slippers...and its raining slightly outside. (thank god its not inside, eh)

tomorrow evening im taking my brother to see derek webb with full band. its a week late birthday gift. i think we might have to have sushi night before the concert. its the day after payday, after all.

just thinking about last year at his one-man show....he said some truthful heavy stuff then..i think he should at least repeat those words...and maybe add some to the blow. and i think it will be good for me. and for the brother.

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Nick said...

The birthday gift was not a week late, you gave it to me on my birthday, just the concert was a week after you gave me the thing saying we were going. Not a week late.