Thursday, November 18, 2004

today is yesterday's tomorrow

today was a long day at work (ten hours again)..but its all just fine...because afterward i ate redbeans and rice made by daddy and fell asleep on the couch with the tv on...then i went to my bed to finish reading High Fidelity...then i took myself to a cheap movie (Hero) (the gaurds are CREEPY!) and then i drove home with Pablo Honey turned up REALY loud with a big smile on my face. now i'm folding clean laundry (thank you, Rebekah, for the use of your washing machine...your detergent smells MARVELOUS!)

i've used too many capital letters in this entry. now to add the links!

tomorrow is friday...the day for which i spend all of my pent-up creative energy planning the perfect non-uniform clothing combinations to wear at work on the one day im allowed to do so.
tomorrow is friday...payday.
tomorrow is friday...robert is interviewing four applicants who seems promising.
tomorrow is friday...i get to sleep in
tomorrow is friday...i get a real saturday off to look forward to afterward.

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