Tuesday, November 09, 2004

have is love

i have a tall comfy bed which i cannot feel the springs in

i have a new heater in my room to make my toes toasty

i have java chip ice cream to make my mouth and insides happy

i have clean laundry...except for what i wore today at work is very much non clean

i have sold seven books on half.com

i have a new pair of dark jeans so i can obey dress code rules at work without wearing stupid looking pants

i have organic cleaning supplies

i have ten days to finish reading High Fidelity

i have a feeling i'll work on that some this afternoon and perhaps a lot tomorrow

i have tomorrow off

what have you?


Anonymous said...

I have a new church which I am very happy with.
I have a new homw which is very small but comfy.
I have a great wife.
I have wonderful kids all four of them.
I have my pick-up truck.
I have 250 meg of e-mail storage on hotmail.
I have Jesus which tops all my haves.
I hope you have Him too!

VegasGustan said...

i also have a comfy bed which i cannot feel the springs in
i have peanutbutter and chocolated chip ice cream to make my stomach happy and bigger

i have a great new puppy to watch be a spaz and fill my heart

i have sold thirty two items on half.com all with positive feedback

i have a job that allows me to come and go as i please

i have tomorrow off, but i have to work friday

i have numerous poems that makes me proud

i have two long time friends that keep me alive

i have a new blog to read since i found yours :-)