Friday, April 30, 2004

today's topic is...mix cds/mix tapes.

If you've seen high fidelity, which you should have, you know that mix tapes carry a good bit of weight. as a girl who has recieved a number of mixes which i still frequently listen to from a number of boys, not most of whom had any romantic involvement with me....i feel this is an interesting matter to ponder.

the interesting thing about mixes..the most mind-boggling how dificult it is to tell if the mix was made to be music i, the reciever, would probably like, or if it were meant to be a sampling of the maker's personal taste at the time....or a sampling of their thoughts toward the reciever. its interesting how those lines get mixed (oops) when dealing with relationships of any sort.

some of the mixes i've goten were recieved from pretty much strangers..vagrant mix tape exchanges that resulted in new musical doors opened for me. because of these mixes, i discovered musicians i never would have heard on my own. i cant listen to the mix without thinking of the person who made it for me..but i know they didnt know me well enough to have speculated much on how i'd possibly react to their musical tastes. however, by them sharing this mix with me, they have shared something of themselves and caused me to love it.
other mixes were recieved from close friends who knew we shared some musical tastes and probably wanted to help improve my own a bit.
some of my mixes are from boys with whom i've experienced a bit more than friendship. these mixes tell something about the relationships which existed at their creation. of the mixes, i rarely listen to at all though its maker didnt realy hit the nail on the head with what i liked or disliked at all, or maybe its just that i've changed a lot since then....while another of them seemed to pretty much be part of the catylist in my musical tastes.

everytime i get a new mix, i know its going to open a new window of music for me. without mix tapes or cds i'd probably never have fallen in love with artists like jeff buckley, cat stevens(maybe love is a strong term), u2 and the proclaimers, the soundtrack from whatever videogame skot put on that mix cd years ago, rufus wainright (sp?), unwed sailor, kate rusby, nick drake...and a number of peices of the hearts of the boys who made these mixes for me...even if they never meant to share it.

thanks for sharing.

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