Tuesday, April 27, 2004

and then there are the many hims who've been placed in my life...
...the hims who remind me that i'm important enough to be surprised.
...the hims who sits on my couch at 1:30 in the morning and its not awkward and there is no attraction and its time worth spending
...the hims who ask how i'm doing..and realy want to know.
...the hims who show up at my door with random gifts for me, just because i was thought of.
...the hims who watch as i become who i will be
..the hims whom i know are not the him i'm holding out for...but they are each in their own way a part of perfect for me
and maybe these hims are to tide me over 'till i have just him
and maybe they are to remind me that i'm okay for now
and maybe they are part of learning who he is
and maybe i already know him but he's not who he will be yet

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