Monday, April 12, 2004

newest musics:

Sarah McLachlan-Mirrorball (live) i've needed some sarah in my life for so many years
Bob Dylan-Greatest Hits Vol 2 (two discs) its different for me..and good for me..and just..needed
Jeff Buckley-Mystery White Boy (live) i'm a sucker...
The Swift-self titled gotta have some piano rock...this is happier than lots of ben folds...i listen to enough down stuff already
Caedmon's Call-Long Line of Leavers 3rd owned caedmon's album..2nd full length...can you believe it?!
Tracy Chapman-Let It Rain glad to have this sound in my ears
Tori Amos-To Venus and Back (two discs: one live album, one fresh album) i couldnt own sarah and not own tori..the girls need each far ive heard disc one while driving and is it ever perfect for such purposes!
Joshua Redman-Timeless Tales it was realy cheap in the new jazz listing and the clips sounded good..havent played the album yet

the first five were from a couple weeks ago..then last week bmg had the audacity to email me about a 60% off sale with free shipping..can you believe them? the nerve....
(but this is getting to be such fun!)

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