Thursday, April 15, 2004

some marvelous things...

1. Raina Faith has taken her first breath! (and many afterwards) julie and zach have a new baby girl and shes healthy and beautiful!
*zach actually didnt tell me her name..but this is the one they'd picked i'm assuming its the one they stuck with.

2. the spring road trip: nick and myself leave this afternoon soon as he gets off work. we're driving to mom and dads house tonight, and tomorrow we're going to hattiesburg. i get to stay with my roommates from last year and we get to go to the spring music theatre collaberaton between usm and wcc-into the woods.

3. i get to see Raina with my own eyes! :)

4. i get to hang out with haley and grab coffee with her!

5. we're going to see skot and jiffer and jason and jennifer and carey on saturday!

6. i'm offf work till wednesday!

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