Thursday, April 08, 2004

for the many fans keeping tabs on my life:

today i went to work at 2, called nick to ask him to come in earlier (4) and was thankful for a fairly slow day (as my reactions are fairly slowed from the grogginess) when nick arrived, i let him deal with customers while i quietly made drinks and cleaned things, trying not to cough all the while. around 5, still a very slow day at the coffee shop, i decided it would be perfectly fine for me (and beneficial to the owners, since two heads cost more than one) clock out and go home for a couple hours nap, then return to help nick close...this i did. i dont know how i'd have survived without the sleep i took this afternoon. thank you god for slow days when i need them.
i felt miserable..and i dont usually admit that.
tomorrow i have the day off...and all i have to do is go to an easter evensong choir rehearsal at 7...where i'll probably not sing, if possible..maybe i'll sit someplace not by anybody so no one gets coughed on. yeah. i'm gonna try to sleep soon...but i figure i'll probably be up and down all night since i havent got anything to do to have to be awake for later..and i'll probably not sleep straight through the night the way things have been i'll see some of you kids in the wee hours.

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