Tuesday, July 08, 2003

yesterday i visited 7 shops in the over 5 hours i was out.
6 let me fill out applications..the only one that didnt was joe mugs..and they suck anyhow
(they SHOULD be hireing..it took forever to find the guy to ask him about applying! their loss)

the one that hasn't opened yet is called R Gabriel's. I drove by and looked for some number to reach the owner...but i saw nothing save the sign with the stores name..so i got ambitious and went in the exercise equpment store in front of it and asked them if they knew where i could find the coffee shop owner..and wouldnt you know it, he'd just been in the store before i had and was in the coffee shop right at that time! so i went next door and asked him when he was opening and if he had begun hireing yet. He told me he was aiming to open on the 21st said he'd just begun thinking about advertising for help, i just beat him to it. i sat on a metal folding chair among sawdust and stuff on the almost complete stage of this newly born coffee shop and filled out the application. he said i could just leave blank the parts covered in my resume, which is great..and i told him that my resume proves that i realy only want to work in a coffee shop...so hopefully he'll give me a call.

of the other 5 applications...two sounded like they would be hireing soon, the other three just said that they are always taking applications...so..who knows.

after i was home and had had diner and was cleaning the bathroom..i recieved a phone call from the man who owns serendipity coffee shop in evans and we set up an interview for this morning.
i just got back from the interview. it went pretty well. he asked all sorts of things about me..like what i read and what music i listen to and stuff...and then about my past jobs and about what i want to do..so i told him about how i want to someday open my own coffee shop. he's interviewing a number of peple this week for a full time opening he has for mornings (6am to 2pm) the position requires someone who would open, who looks for things that need doing (me!) and who can make descisions along the same lines that he would...its almost like an assistant manager position.
he'll get back with me next week, says he.

now..what i *realy* want is for the guy building his shop to calll me..yes. I realy want to get to be involved in that part of a shop..the very very beginning.
i passed by there on my way to serendipity this morning and as i passed i screamed "call me!!!"

(windows up, of course)


anyhow..the job hunt looks fairly promising.
we'll see what happens next ;)

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