Wednesday, July 16, 2003

why am i still up when its nearly 6am?
why, simple...because i never went to sleep.
why didnt i go to sleep?
because i simply didnt want to.
yes folks..i didnt want to go to sleep.

it started as me getting offline around two with the intention of going to bed...but i wasnt realy tired enough i started playing worms armagedon.
then it got to be 3...and i was enjoying my game...but i went ahead and did the whole taking out contacts and washing face bit..i think that got me to around 3:30...
still not quite ready for sleep, i played a couple more games of worms.
i think i won a total or 2 maybe 3 short killed a lot.
then it was like..4:30 or so and i thought "hey, its almost 5 am...i wonder what vagrant is like right now" so i got on there.
then i got on aim to ask someone there why i was still up...and peter was i talked to him for the rest of the time on here.
i came to the conclusion that i do not know now a good reason to go to bed, nor a good reason to stay up all i'm stuck in this undecided limbo.

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