Monday, July 07, 2003

the job hunt begins...

well, i've tracked down 6 .5 coffee shops to apply at..and starting in the morning, that is what i'll be doing.

3 are self standing shops...Abbis coffee mill, and PJ's are both in Augusta, Serendipity is in Evans.
3 are in bookstores...Borders, Barnse and Noble, and Books a Million.
the 0.5 is being built. i haven't even seen it myself..but i heard from two different people today...completely seperately..that they've seen a coffee shop being built at the corner of Davis and Washington i'll drive by and hope that a sign will be up with a phone number or something so i can apply there. (this is the job i real shop=the experience i realy need to see!)

so...i spent most of the evening working on polishing up my resume' to the ideal Barista resume' without telling any lies.
the downfall is...i am missing some qualifications that a coffee shop owner is going to want to see in employees: cashier experience, and Barista experience. if i had one or the other i'd feel better about pray for me!

seriously..pray for me tomorrow morning and afternoon...that i'll look collected...that shops will take applications..and that i wont get lost!


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