Sunday, July 20, 2003

i started working last thursday in the coffee shop. its not open yet..we still have a bit of work to do. i've been doing things up furniture and equipment--used equipment saves money...but does take a bit of time to get clean enough to use again. i spent about four hours yesterday just taking apart and scrubbing coffee pots. some cabinets are still being built and various quirks worked out. i think by the end of next week i'll have had a few days of practice on the machines and be ready to serve you each a latte or other beverage of your choice by monday the 28th :) (the day we are supposed to open)
i love the family who owns the place. they are, so far, marvelously nice people who realy do want to glorify God through their day-to-day lives. know what though? i dont even know their last name! hah:) details, details...

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